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English Voters Reward Tories, Anger About Aliens, Scotland Freedom Core Issues This Election

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An email ad I received today all about getting into Europe or North America to steal social services and get into schools for free.


The fractured United Kingdom just had an election and despite the polls that showed the conservatives weak, they won handily.  This comes as no surprise to me.  UKIP shook up the Tories who had to stop playing the Bilderberg internationalist game and pretend for this election to care about saving England from being swamped by legal and illegal aliens out to get free stuff.   Cut welfare, shrink the state, scrap the Human Rights Act: welcome to Cameron’s Britain cries one headline.  The Labour Party was destroyed by the exit of nearly all the Scottish voters, an action I predicted last year due to the Scots voting against independence due to a bunch of promises with zero chance of being actually honored.

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Baltimore Burned Last Night, US Liberal Media Pretends Riot Was Over

Wishful thinking:  The New York Times headline this morning is: Under Curfew, Baltimore Is Calm After Days of Unrest and the Washington Post dutifully echoes this: Curfew lifts after calmer night in Baltimore  so it appears that this latest looting expedition is done.


But go overseas and the news is different with pictures to prove it:  Baltimore Riots Continue Overnight With Looting, Fires, Dozens Arrested; Mayor On Defensive About Delays In City’s Response   International Business TimesViolence erupts for a second night in Baltimore: Defiant rioters face-off with three thousand police officers firing tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd to enforce city’s broken curfewBaltimore Riots: New Reports Of Looting Following Violent Clashes The Inquisitr News.

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Black Students Continue To Fail In NYC Schools But Story Is Illustrated By White Dunce Boy

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Here is the stock photo chosen by the editors of the New York Daily News to illustrate a story about the futility of trying to teach black and Hispanic students in the NYC schools.  Note how a white boy is used, making fun of this minority (white boys are not the majority in NYC) even though white males are doing very well and indeed, excel in most schools they attend.  This is extremely racist and a lie but typical of our media owners who play this race game against white males to the hilt even though virtually all media owners are…white males!

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