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DNC McCarthy Clone Hearings Doomed To Failure

Years And Years, I Warned Bush And Obama About WWIII And Have Proof | Culture of Life News

The US media giants and Congress and the entire Bilderberg gang operations are pushing very hard the storyline that Putin is evil and we should have WWIII with Russia and too many liberals are falling for this ridiculous push off of a very dangerous cliff.  Desperately, alternative media is trying to stop this via analysis and real news but the flood of lies continues.  I go to more Russian news to learn about all sorts of deals going on like the Egypt deal with Russia so they can access NATO military machinery being given to Egypt.

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Egypt Military Coup Is Real ‘Police State’


There has been endless whining about US thugs getting bad experiences when tangling with cops or armed citizens.  We are told, this proves that the US is a ‘police state’.  Here is a real honest to god police state: Egypt.  The US, NATO nations of Europe, Israel and above all, Saudi Arabia encouraged, armed and assisted a violent coup against an honest elected popular government.  Since the coup, all demonstrations have been cruelly crushed, any sign of dissent on line leads to prison terms, the previous dictator has been freed while Morsi and his fellow party members are going to be executed.  Excuse for this?  He ‘killed demonstrators’.


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US Sanctions On North Korea Illegal—Israel Fascists Attack US State Department Employees, Kerry Silent

North Korea blasts U.S. over sanctions, denies role in Sony attack | Toronto Star: It is now painfully obvious that the hacking of Sony was done by a disgruntled recently fired employee so this information is totally ignored by our President and Congress who use this as an excuse to hammer North Korea with more sanctions.


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US Won’t Release Torture Report Nor Send Our War Criminals To ICC Trials

This rendition of Gilbert & Sullivan’s famous song is quite racist and jokes about Muslims and Asians.


The Israel/Saudi/US coup in Egypt continues to spill blood and release government criminals like the previous dictator, Mubarak who is now a free man while the democratically elected President, Morsi, is slated for execution as are another 188 members of the political party that won the popular election there.  The US openly funds this regime and all the foolish people who were protesting high energy costs when the Saudis cut the fuel supplies, the foolish demonstrators who cheered this coup are now scared to death because anyone saying or doing anything that irritates the dictators in Saudi Arabia or the draconian Jewish rulers in Palestine, will be executed.  Meanwhile, our sick Congress and sicker President refuse to release the US torture reports showing clearly that our government is committing war crimes.


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Crazy US Muslim Policies Cause More Chaos While US Becomes More Chaotic At Home

Egypt erupts over Mubarak ruling: Thousands take to the streets after judge rules ousted president WON’T face murder charges over Arab Spring protester killings: the US and Israel as well as Saudi Arabia arranged for the coup in Egypt.  Mubarak was overthrown by the people who then had this election which was fair.


Then Morsi was overthrown after the very rich 1% caused the economy to crash.  The military moved in and illegally removed him from his elected office exactly like Ukraine saw a year later.  The new dictator of Egypt, Sissi, has now attacked the people of Sinai, he eradicated this large town next to Gaza and drove out all the people who lived there and now has closed off Palestine to all trade making the ghetto there exactly like the Warsaw Ghetto.

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Former US Gitmo Attorney Iglesias Wants Benghazi Kidnap Victim Tried In ‘Shadow Of Twin Towers’

The distorted thinking of all of our officials and leaders is causing a mental and moral collapse.  Striving to continue the post-WWII imperialist powers has led to a degenerative thinking process that infects everything especially diplomacy and legal thinking.  Once we got rid of the need to have Congress vote for wars or basic civil rights after 9/11, this new perpetual war is engineered by petulant, power hungry globalists who have secret meetings to discuss with foreign powers, how to circumvent or compel Americans into wild military spending which is bankrupting our nation and destroying our economy.

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Russia Winning Economic War With NATO And Neocons Want More Wars In Iraq

The US media is so predictable.  They ‘explain’ everything within a very narrow range of cause and effect.  Recently, the Bilderberg conspirators decided to take down Putin and so they engineered the attacks on Russia’s economy.  But as I predicted, this would boomerang badly: Europe Stocks Fall on Economy as Metals Advance on China while the Ruble Gains on China Data to Ukraine Truce: Russia Reality Check, an article by Businessweek.

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