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House Judiciary Votes For Comey/Clinton Probe…Also, Microaggression Hysteria Is Now Attacking STEM Schools

BREAKING – House Judiciary Committee Votes to Probe Comey and Clinton – YouTube


Really amazing news: the Japanese swiftly withdrew the 50% tariff and then pretended it never happened after, I presume, they got a phone call from the Trump operation!  If so, this is a first time in 50 years this has happened!  Mainstream news blindness is dangerous, it is like driving a car with paint covering the windshield.  The US is in political chaos due to fake news.  There is alternative fake news, too.  Anyone can create fake news, it is easy.  All events are clothed, by mainstream owners and by alternative news owners, in all sorts of ridiculous stories designed to deceive.  I try to tell what I think is ‘reality’ but then, reality is always filtered through humans which changes it, and because it is ridiculously easy to lie, we all can lie about all sorts of things!

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