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Gold Falls 31% As Rich Flee ETP Markets

Gold Funds See Unprecedented 31% Slump as World Loses Faith in the very silly ‘ETP’ market whereby one doesn’t own much of anything except a piece of paper saying, ‘You own part of this hidden gold hoard which you can never touch’.  HAHAHA.  One can hardly make up how silly this is.  As silly as the bitcoin scam.  Yes, a Vegas developer selling $7.85M mansion for bitcoin as a publicity stunt.  Also a OC Lamborghini dealership sells car for 91.4 bitcoins which is also a publicity stunt, too.  He could sell this car for one million roosters, for example.  Or a truckload of black tulip bulbs.  Or in exchange for sex with a house full of prostitutes or trade it for a pound of pure cocaine since many of the main customers are connected with whores and drugs.


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