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Google Issues NEW ‘Code Of Conduct’ Which Is Full Of Lies!

Full Show – Patriots Organize March On Google Headquarters Across The Country – 08/11/2017 – YouTube


On August 7th, due to freaking out over the expose of the Google employee who does coding stuff, Google issued a new, better ‘Code of Conduct’ which says, Google will never do what Google is doing right now, that is, lying, cheating and abusing employees and firing anyone who dares to question what Google is doing!  This doubles down the charges James Damore made, that is, it proves his case!  Worse, it gives other equally abused employees grounds to join in a class action lawsuit against Google’s executives and they will win.  I hope they wake up and do this for Google is sailing off the SJW cliff.  It has become utterly useless as a service this last six months as they try desperately to attack or destroy anyone who isn’t a SJW fanatic.

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Virtually No One Likes Congress Especially Hate GOP Guys

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For millennials, political thrill is gone – The Washington Post: a panel of experts try to discover why young voters are becoming apathetic after Occupy Wall Street demonstrators were very violently suppressed.  The milling around on the Washington Post discussion spends a lot of time avoiding talking about how lobbyists like AIPAC and Big Oil or the bankers or other foreign powers as well as the Bilderberg gang control Congress and thus, steal our votes by getting our ‘representatives’ to represent them, not us.

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Pew Poll Shows US Public Worried About Jobs And Illegal Immigration While Elites Hate US Jobs For Citizens And Want Illegal Labor

PEW poll shows US public wants jobs

The Great Convergence of American Foreign Policy Beliefs: young Mr. Drezner’s analysis of the above data published in Foreign Policy magazine is really silly and his conclusion is, the general public is forming a convergence not flying apart with the Bilderberg elites global power push.  I see the exact opposite and feel this is obvious, there is no convergence at all, the goals and desires of the public are nearly totally at odds with the rich except when it comes to two amazing things: democracy for other people on earth and improving other people’s living standards.


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NROL-39: The Evil Octopus Emblem Perfect For Bilderberg Gang Controlling US Citizens

NSA scary octopus

Top-secret government spy satellite launched into space with sinister cartoon octopus logo and boast that ‘Nothing Is Beyond Our Reach’ | Mail Online

The US military/spy organizations that serve our foreign masters who are known as the Global Elites loves to advertise this.  The Evil Octopus is a very apt image of this spy outfit.  Mossad and the CIA have to spy on everyone in order to make the rich bastards even richer.  Note how the Evil Octopus is crouching on the US.  This is because the US public is paying 100% for this monster that is oppressing us.  All its high, high cost is being piled up on our public debt bill.


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