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Evolution And Why Men Are Smarter/Strategic Thinkers Than Women

Alice Through the Looking Glass (1998) – YouTube 

Alice Through the Looking Glass (1973) – YouTubeThis older version is closer to the book.

I can’t let go of the male/female chess business: why women are pretty bad at all the ‘intellectual’ and ‘mechanical’ stuff men do so much easier.  I was an exception to the rule, for example, designing and building houses and doing other ‘men’s jobs’ over the years.  But then, my brain is somewhat different from most women’s thinking systems and indeed, I get along infinitely better with men than women because of this.  Why is this? I always wondered and I know that I am not anywhere near as good as men of the same IQ when it comes to various things like…playing chess.


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Stupid Middlebury College Students Attack Professor Murray Violently

Middlebury College professor injured by student mob | Daily Mail Online reports.  The professor has written about how genetics has an effect on intelligence just like it does on other elements, this is basic genealogy.  One can breed for any characteristic including ‘intelligence’.  I did breeding studies with rabbits when I was a child that led to ‘Killer Rabbit’ whereby I proved one can breed for any mental characteristic of any animal with the right breeding selections.

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Black Professor Lawrence Ware Hates Whites, Sees ‘Micro-aggressions’ Everywhere He Goes

If Microaggressions Happened to White People | Decoded | MTV News – YouTube

How to Survive, Be Safe and Thrive at a Predominantly White Institution is a publication of a black power professor who teaches at a southern school and he hates it, evidently, thinking that the entire universe is persecuting him.  I will note here that he was hired and I was not when I was studying languages and all the language departments were annihilated back in the 1970s.  Why is he ‘teaching’ and I never got to teach anyone except prisoners out of Patterson NJ who wanted to learn how to build houses?


 Lawrence Ware is a progressive writer in a conservative state. A frequent contributor to Counterpunch and Dissent magazine, he is also a contributing editor of NewBlackMan (in Exile) and the Democratic Left. He has been featured in the New York Times and discussed race and politics on HuffPost Live, NPR and Public Radio International.

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A Dark Meditation On Evolution And Human Violence, Insanity, Intelligence

Screen shot 2016-07-19 at 7.07.38 AM

As the NATO nations hurtle towards open race and religious wars, our media giants continue to berate all of us about how we should be friendly with each other or else suffer terrible punishments.  Anyone posting comments online that talk openly about what is going on is fired from their jobs but only if they are European whites.  While blacks and Muslims call for war against all whites quite openly and right now are demonstrating in front of the GOP convention calling for race wars to heat up further.  Whites inside the convention are blamed for this but what is happening is obvious to me: a repeat of the 1960-1980 catastrophe as blacks socially isolated themselves into violent ghettoes where no whites dared enter except to buy drugs or hire prostitutes.

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Gator Goes To Peter Pan Lagoon At Disney World in Florida And Probably Ate Innocent Toddler


Screen shot 2016-06-15 at 2.23.14 PM

This is a satellite view of the Captain Hook ship and lagoon where the little boy was captured and eaten by a crocodile in Disney World Florida this week.  The child was on the fake ‘beach’ and there is this swimming pool setup with a much murkier lagoon on the other side of the pirate ship display.  Authorities are still looking for the big brute that took the child away but unlike the recent tame gorilla that was shot after a child entered his habitat display, in this case, the crocodile was hunting for prey and most likely ate the child and they will kill some crock, somewhere, to reassure visitors. Continue reading


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Previous Interglacial Was Warmer Than ‘Dire’ Predictions Today: Alaska Warming, Great Lakes Cooling,Is Ice Age Warning

Screen shot 2015-01-28 at 1.50.04 PM


This shows the North Pole regions if the planet gets warmer.  Supposedly, this means we and all living things will perish.  Trees will grow closer to the North Pole, for example.  Oh, the horrors!  Only, it appears that the previous Interglacial was much warmer than the present one.  Trees grew much closer to the North Pole.  Life flourished during that Interglacial.  My mountain was -4ºF at dawn.  In Europe, UK weather: Colder, windier and with likelihood of risky icy road conditions and snow ‘blizzards’ which is why the Prince of Wales is demanding it be colder because warm climate is evil.

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2 Die In Colorado Spring Suburb Forest Fires

Colorado is burning

2 found dead in area burned by Colo. wildfire – CBS News.  It is fire season out West and the pretty landscape that is so attractive there become deadly.  Suburbs were invented in cool climate areas like the Northeast US.  Immediately, due to the invention of cars, this spread in the far West.  This meant people could build in foothills and up mountains there even though the environment is totally different from New York or Massachusetts.  This year, fires are raging in these far suburbs built where fires happen frequently due to the ecology of these suburbs before houses were built. Continue reading


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