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Bilderberg Friedman’s NYT Editorial About Heavily Taxing US Oil And Gas To Save Europe From Putin

The naked ambition of the super rich Bilderberg gang is to tax the US lower class so much, they will be cut out of the energy market and then this will fix the looming Hubbert Oil Peak.  The flood of aliens allowed to pour into our country while the elites had their fake ‘War on Terror’ which was supposed to protect us from angry Muslims coincided with a deliberate malfeasance about millions of illegal aliens who also committed a lot of crimes when they arrived here.  This is because they lowered the cost of labor.

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Prolific Profit, China Is Now #1 Trade Nation In World, USA Is Second Rate, Deep In Red Ink

US trade deficit

Graph: Balance on Current Account (BOPBCAA) – FRED – St. Louis Fed

China is now #1 in yet another economic arena: global trade.  The US and Japan fall further and further behind.  This is why Japan and the US are both conspiring to start WWIII.  To be blunt, this is the worst way to fix this ‘problem’ due to China being a very big country with a huge population that is highly educated and extremely hard working.  Japan is literally dying while the US is drowning in red ink and internal hatreds.  The above graph is a reminder of the US being the world’s #1 trade LOSER.  It is all red ink, nearly a trillion in the year 2007.  Only a deep depression trimmed it back to a mere half a trillion in red ink today.

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Jade Rabbit Makes Moon China Territory, US Retaliates By Near Crash With China Ship

There are so many things going on it is hard to keep up with the nonsense things.  But one big news story this week screams for attention: the US has been, along with Japan, grossly infringing on China’s front doorstep and are on the verge of triggering WWIII.  This is no small matter since the US has systematically refused to disarm even as it screams about Iran’s arms that don’t even exist anymore than Iraq’s WMD.

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China Is Going To Stop Hoarding US Trade Dollars: US/Japan Aggression Irks China

PBOC Says No Longer in China’s Interest to Increase Reserves – Bloomberg:  China now holds over $3.5 TRILLION US dollars.  As well as $1.3 trillion in US government debt money.  Money is simply pouring into China thanks to China’s very strong industrial base.  Zhou Xiaochuan unlike his Japanese counterpart, has allowed the yuan to rise in value against the dollar while Japan has been permitted to do the opposite.


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