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Unusually Cold July Comes To A Cold, Wet Conclusion

hummingbird feeder in heavy rain and rainbow in eastern hills

So far this year is colder than normal.  July is no different.  Yes, we had a couple of warm days.  But it has been mostly raining or cold.  Today, the end of the month is neigh and we had yet another rainy day, three inches fell around here and the rivers are brown floods and the forest looks like a jungle.  Meanwhile, we are told that this year is HOT!  Yes, one of the hottest ever.  Which is totally insane.


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New York Times ‘Room For Debate’ Discusses Global Warming With Zero Debate From Colder Climate Experts

secret 1974 climate report CIA cold planet

Click here to read a 1974 CIA document about global COOLING and how this endangers the US and will cause droughts, famine, wars, etc.:  First, the Agency (CIA) wonders if the future climate can be predicted accurately.  The answer is obvious: no.  The fact that this cooling was so scary, the CIA wanted more information about it and speculated we were going into another Little Ice Age is interesting, my own father gave feedback to this report, by the way.  I was living in NYC at this point and gave him frequent reports on how cold it was, ice floes appeared in NY harbor!

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Imperialist Wars Are Good According To Stanford Professor And Bezos Washington Post Owner

Screen shot 2014-04-28 at 9.12.48 PM

(Story from The Times | UK News, World News and Opinion)


As NATO and the pivot to Asia hurtles the US towards WWIII, every excuse for warmongering has every  major US media foaming at the mouth.  The biggest pusher for wars is the Huffington Post, vying with the Washington Post for ‘most foam at the mouth rabid warmongering.  Meanwhile, at his press conference, President Obama sighs: ‘Why Is It That Everybody Is So Eager To Use Military Force?’  Indeed, we just had a bunch of tornadoes tear up the deep south and Congress will give them aid money because our corrupt Congress is OK with that if it is a southern state but if the northern states get disasters like last winter, there is no money because we are going bankrupt.  Thanks mainly to our wild warmongering and free trade.

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