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Federal Reserve Uses Bank Rates For Political Ends: Plan Sudden Raises To Undermine Trump


Suddenly, one month after new President enters office, the Fed decides it is time for big interest rate hikes ‘Fed to make sequential hikes until ‘something breaks’: Gundlach says.’  This is another big tool used by the elites to control events.


At its November meeting, the U.S. central bank has voted not to raise interest rates, although many believe a hike in December is likely as the Fed holds ‘steady’ before the election.  Yes, the Fed manipulates rates for political ends as we see in this graph:

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Bloomberg Marvels: How Does Norway Keep Inflation 2.4%?

Goldman Sachs Loses Money So Gold Prices Fall | Culture of Life News

Bloomberg knows very well the answer to this question: How Does Norway Achieve Inflation When Others Can’t? – Bloomberg Business but will NOT tell readers of his ‘news’.


Once upon a time, the only thing one could park in a central bank vault to support the value of paper money was GOLD.  And silver.  All coins of responsible societies were made from copper, gold and silver.  Countries with fake money used cheap metals like zinc.  Paper money was invented by the Chinese to replace gold only they discovered this created inflation due to money printing and adding zeros is laughably easy.

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NYT Lies About Why US Dollar Is ‘Strong’

Here is a classic example of hiring someone who knows hardly anything to bloviate about something that is fairly easy to understand.  Namely, our trade partners all do the same exact thing: they hold US dollars in their central banks to make the dollar stronger against their own currency in order to run perpetual trade surpluses with the US which is deeper and deeper in the red each generation:  The Strong Dollar Is Always Good, Except When It Isn’t – NYTimes.com


The European Central Bank significantly loosened its monetary policy on Thursday, in the process driving down the euro and bolstering the dollar. Measured against a basket of currencies, the dollar’s value has soared 19 percent since May, and the momentum seems to be building.

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EU Central Bank Considers Giving Everyone Free Money To Restart Dying Economy Hit Hard By Russia Boycott




We have seen raging inflation in many a sector during this long ZIRP central bank money printing depression.  This peculiar depression with so much inflation and bubbles has resulted in the rich getting filthy rich and the lower classes hammered to the point of rebellion and destruction.  The central banks who created this disaster are frantically trying to fix it but of course, the banking disaster is part of the free trade disaster.  They are hitched to each other like Santa’s reindeer.  And the European Union is now a sled drawn by  one lame reindeer, one shot in the chest, one drugged up, one on strike.  So it is skidding to the earth.  No surprise.  Boycott a major buyer/supplier is destroying the EU economy.  Thank you, NATO.  Thanks a million, Bilderberg gang.

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Oil Wars Will End Up Killing Off US And Saudi Arabia, Not Russia

Screen shot 2014-12-17 at 6.51.22 AM

How far do oil prices have to fall to throttle the US shale boom? – Vox


It appears that the US and Saudi Arabia, that is, the country that supports torture of prisoners and the country that beheads people for not obeying the strictest form of Muslim beliefs and stones women to death for infractions like say, driving a car, are attacking Russia which is a liberal, modern country that has rights for women and no religious persecution.  The scheme is to flood the world markets with oil and then cause Putin to be unpopular and then see the Russian flounder and fail and fall apart like when they were led by the very unpopular communist party.

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Wall Street International Bilderberg Bankers Back Committing Same Crimes! Duh.

‘Untouchable’ Wall Street Execs Avoided Prosecution since the gigantic global banking collapse. These same creeps overwhelmingly supported Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign but they all ran off to one of their own, Romney, in the following election.  We have zero choice between our parties when it comes to Zionism or banking.  The other issues are fairy dust thrown in our faces so the looting of the US can continue.  The looters don’t think things through, though.  What comes next is total collapse due to the US running everything in the red and our elites viewing this country as a looting expedition rather than carefully nurturing the nation so it grows stronger and better.

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‘Hottest Year Ever’ And ‘We Won’t Let You All Stop Immigrants!’ Are Today’s Bilderberg Junk News

The EU economy is going down in flames thanks to the boycott of Russia and Russia’s retaliation for the overthrow of an elected government the Bilderberg gang wanted out of power.  The cockeyed plan hatched by our richest leaders has backfired badly.  Control of the oil and gas in Eastern Ukraine is firmly in Russian hands now while Russia knows Europe needs their cheap fuel badly.  A big power station in England blew up and burned taking out over 3% of their electricity just as winter looms.

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