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90% Of Americans Hate Each Other’s Political Parties And Think Congress Is Disaster

Nearly 9 in 10 Americans displeased with Washington, poll says.  It is very strange watching America today.  Just last month for the entire month our media owners and all of Congress, our Puppet President and all were jerking wildly about as Netanyahu and the Saudi royals yanks their strings, all shouting in near unison that we had to go to war with Syria and Iran plus Japan’s demand we go to war with China.  Now, chaos reigns as our government literally collapses.  AP: ‘Unmistakable Sense Of Unease In Capitals Around The World As U.S. Government Looks Increasingly Befuddled’…because it isn’t functioning right. Continue reading


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Will The GOP Fund FEMA? Disasters Hammer Right Wing Lunatic States

Another day and another tornado/flood/hail disaster in the Red States that voted against Hurricane Sandy aid and who want to cut FEMA money or force cuts in all other systems to pay for Red State disasters.  This bizarre world of the right wing ‘We hate the Feds except when we want Fed money’ gang is out in full force demanding we all fund their disasters for them while they withhold disaster aid to liberal states that give the majority of funds to FEMA in the first place.

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Apple And Other Corporations Are Tax Cheats And Offshore Banks Are Fakes And GOP Clowns Kill FEMA

Sir Mervyn King: stop ‘demonising’ bankers—The Bank of England run by Sir King is one of the chief causes of the global financial collapse.  Our government and Britain’s government both went deep into the red to bail out these bankers and many of us are quite angry about this.  Furthermore, corporate tax evasion is running rampant due to free trade.  The latest story about this scam comes from the Apple hearings in Congress.  That is, much of ‘offshore banking’ is actually inside the US all the time, it is fictional offshore banking. Continue reading


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