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Rich MTV Gangsta Rappers Shoot It Up At TV Party In LA

MTV rich gangstas shoot it out at party

Black thugs killing each other is NOT ‘economical suffering.’  It is a cultural collapse which has made many non-blacks very, very cynically rich.  The black thug ideology is peddled very hard by MTV and other operations and we look at the super rich dude who owns these black gangsta entertainment complexes and we find a very rich elderly Jewish guy.  Rich gangstas fight each other exactly the same way their people who love them fix social messes, by killing someone, often randomly, very often in public where a lot of bystanders can also be sent to the graveyard.

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Religious And Ethnic Warfare Is Erupting Everywhere Including In US

Screen shot 2014-08-18 at 8.51.31 PM

All over the world we see religious warfare, race wars, ethnic wars, intolerance and the rule of the mob, the rule of the powerful, all aimed at crushing all other tribes, people, skin color or prayer preferences and I find this insane, deplorable and stupid.  For example, the new, improved Pope who loves to call himself a man of peace, wants to use weapons to kill anyone fighting Catholics or other Christians except Russian Orthodox who are not loved by the Pope’s god, either.  The ISIS gang is totally horrible but how different are they from the Jews?  Note the Jews acting like jerks to a man and woman who are marrying across tribal/religious lines!

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More Proof That Cop In Ferguson Told Truth, Michael Brown Attacked Him Twice

The family and Travyon lawyer, working with Al Sharpton, have been telling nothing but lies about Michael Brown and Brown’s buddy in the strong arm robbery also was lying, totally and now there is proof of this as both the autopsy and on the site recorded bystander testimony caught on camera, supports the police story that Brown, after the cop learned on his radio was wanted for robbery, attacked the cop, slamming the door on him and then yes, trying to grab his gun.  And was not surrendering when he was shot, he was charging forwards, arms reaching out, to attack again.

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Ferguson Cop Who Just Wanted Order Meets Naive Young Poor Black Male Wanting To Be A Rapper

After a senseless police shooting, the riots and chaos continues with the usual results.  Some liberals believe that if enraged, people have the right to loot, riot and burn everything.  Many of these same ‘liberals’ also believe that Palestinians have no right to fight the Israeli war machine but must surrender without asking for anything in return.  Meanwhile, as we arm Israel, we struggle to deal with social chaos at home, much of which is caused by the huge, huge unemployment rate of many of our youths, whatever sort or race.  Especially the black community which is being relegated to ‘useless eaters‘ as Kissinger wrote in his ‘Security Memorandum’ to the President.

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Ferguson MO Is Typical Dying Industrial City Populated By Raging Minority Populations

high crime neighborhood in Ferguson MO

Crime rate in Kinloch, Missouri (MO): murders, rapes, robberies, assaults, burglaries, thefts, auto thefts, arson, law enforcement employees, police officers statistics showing the highest crime neighborhood in Ferguson (Kinloch is not an independent town, it is part of the city).



Here we go again in the same tiresome circle.  A black male is shot and killed under difficult circumstances and the same lawyer that flacked the Trayvon mess is doing his thing yet again.  Blame for the white guy killing a black guy leads to great violence, fury and looting by the black community which is responsible for over 50% of all murders in the US.  There isn’t even a breath devoted to trying to understand how thoroughly the black community has been cut off from society and how it has become increasingly criminal in nature and how black rage has scared off most people who normally would interact with the black community, further rendering it impossible to find jobs.  And jobs are vanishing from America except ‘service’ jobs and who will hire a very angry black person?

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