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Ferguson, Baltimore and New York City: Black Male Thugs Shooting And Killing Anyone In Their Vicinity

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Thugs love to point out that cops shoot them.  But what about the victims of thugs?  Here is one from New York City.  A very young child.  Unlike the thug pictures used to promote the idea that they were sweet young men when shot by cops, using photos years ago instead of their mug shots, this is a real child who really was totally innocent killed by a black thug who believes that black lives do not matter at all.  And this philosophy of the Street has taken off like a rocket with black thugs shooting up all those cities where cops were told to stand down. What a surprise this is not.  I know very well after fighting crime in black neighborhoods in the past, stopping thugs is a violent, ugly business and I was not delicate or nice about it, either nor were anyone working with me.  We were tough, hard and persistent and we used muscle.  Liberals believe that being nice makes thugs nice.  Nope.  Never.


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‘Freddie’ And His Fellow Gangsters Are Unemployable

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This is a screen shot of today’s New York Bilderberg Times.  The Times owners have been top Bilderberg gangsters for generations.  The top story is about ‘Freddie’ the cute guy with an arrest record a mile long who died while being transported by the cops after resisting arrest.  The NYT wonders how poor Freddie survived unemployment, poor health, violent crime (he WAS the ‘VIOLENT CRIME’ itself!) and incarceration which is the feeble tool used by society to remove Freddie and his buddies from the streets.

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Violent Black Felons Make Rap Video About Killing Police

A video made by a group of rap ‘artists’ who all have extensive violent crime convictions including shooting at police, make a video at a L.I. jail which rents out facility to anti-cop rapper for video.  This video complains about police brutality while openly celebrating macho-man convict brutality as a good thing, why, it is revolutionary!  Bang, bang, resist arrest, get out of jail free if you shut down the cops who are now ordered by Obama to not do ‘racial profiling’ because of course, little old white ladies are just as likely to be violent criminals, right?

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Black Thugs Get Guardian Green Light To Be Bad As Possible


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The liberal push to tell all black people that they have zero reason to change themselves, they have zero responsibility for their own behaviors and that is is OK to be thugs, rioters, crooks, thieves, murderers, rapists and terrorists…continues in this huge reguritation that infuriates me.  I remember when things changed definitely for the worse.  It was the summer of 1977 when mostly black neighborhoods burst into outright looting, arson and terror when the lights simply went out during a thunderstorm!  And this riot went on not for a day or a week but for years afterwards!

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Crazy US Muslim Policies Cause More Chaos While US Becomes More Chaotic At Home

Egypt erupts over Mubarak ruling: Thousands take to the streets after judge rules ousted president WON’T face murder charges over Arab Spring protester killings: the US and Israel as well as Saudi Arabia arranged for the coup in Egypt.  Mubarak was overthrown by the people who then had this election which was fair.


Then Morsi was overthrown after the very rich 1% caused the economy to crash.  The military moved in and illegally removed him from his elected office exactly like Ukraine saw a year later.  The new dictator of Egypt, Sissi, has now attacked the people of Sinai, he eradicated this large town next to Gaza and drove out all the people who lived there and now has closed off Palestine to all trade making the ghetto there exactly like the Warsaw Ghetto.

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All Liberal Media Refused To Carry Story Of Elderly White Male Assaulted By Ferguson Rioters

This beastly act was witnessed by a TV news crew.  As the reporter notices the man lying on the ground, she decides they should contact 911 for an ambulance which indeed, showed up. The people standing around this victim did virtually nothing to help him, they just looked at him.  Now, this should have been the top news story afterwards…but let’s look at our biggest ‘liberal’ media!  I got this news from ENGLAND, not the US, by the way.

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Looting: The Poor Underclass And Rich Upperclass At War With Middle Class

Rioters continue to burn down Ferguson while the governor finally let the National Guard in…far too late.  Increasingly, we see irrationality take over our political system and there are many causes for this one of the biggest being, our political system is totally corrupt due to bribery.  And it is now tone-deaf to voters meanwhile, the underclass unemployed don’t vote hardly at all but instead, are on a rampage which is being exploited for the wrong ends.  ‘Racism’ is NOT fixed by black people burning down cities, it makes it much worse.  Who on earth wants to live or go to school or work with people who might turn around and loot and burn the city?  No one, of course.  But the fantasy that this sort of annihilistic behavior will fix our corrupt system continues.


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