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More Terror Attacks In NATO Countries, More ANTIFA vs Nationalist Clashes

Across the NATO countries, the right is on the march.  Leftists have been allowed free rein to run riot for several years now as the Bilderberg gang let in millions and millions of illegal alien Muslims invade, in the US, they even went to court in California and other DNC-run state to demand Trump let in millions of aliens, but with these same aliens now at war with the citizens in NATO countries, street fights are breaking out as young people on either side of the divide, fight.  The Bilderberg gang runs the media systems and always sides with ANTIFA rioters as we saw this week in the US.  But this is failing fast and we see in the news today: the Muslim terror attacks are doubling down now.

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The Battle Of The Somme: Elites Go Insane In 1916, Million Soldiers Die Hideous Deaths

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BBC News – Passchendaele: Memorial plan for Welsh soldiers: The Red Dragon of Wales

Hundreds of soldiers from Wales are believed to have been among 70,000 British casualties in the Battle of Passchendaele in Ypres in 1917.

I was exploring the battlefields of WWI using Google Maps.  I found this memorial.  It is frightful and beautiful at the same time.  A red dragon standing proud in France, viewing the bloodiest battlefield in the history of humanity, barbed wire clenched in his claws.  I wept when I saw this image.   Continue reading


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Energy Prices Skyrocket While Putin Controls Huge Sector Of Energy Markets

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BBC News – Ukraine crisis: Europe’s stored gas high as prices soar: note how eastern Ukraine where the most Russians live, is where the oil is, too!  We have a desperate, long winter ravaging much of North America at the same time our rulers decided to pick a fight with Putin, one of the world’s most powerful energy producers.  This has fatal consequences for Americans!

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CIA Gloats In JFK Assassination TV Show ‘We Are Keystone Cops, You Know’

CIA chief claims they are stupid

Video: Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald? | Watch FRONTLINE Online | PBS Video: this film covers many issue concerning Oswald and even mentions the most important point of all, that nearly all of the extensive CIA files on Oswald are classified and that the Warren Commission lawyers couldn’t see them.  The Man above is a CIA big wig who gloats gleefully to the Frontline crew that the CIA is ‘Keystone cops’ and thus, incompetent when it comes to international spy versus spy stuff.

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