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AIPAC Demands More Sanctions On Iran And Double Military Money For Israel

Our diplomatic and banking systems have been nearly totally destroyed by AIPAC billionaires who are Jewish.  They have this death grip on Congress, the Presidency and above all, our media systems.  This is all exploited on behalf of Zionist dreams of being this Evil Octopus that controls the entire planet earth on behalf of lunatic dreams about eliminating all Muslims, Christians and others from the misnamed ‘Holy Land’.


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Bitcoin Collectors Bid Up Value Very High Thanks To Fraud Hearings In Congress

One of the more fun money fads ever has been the Bitcoin business.  Like any collectable, its value rises and drops based on popular demand.  Anything on earth from sea shells to clay tablets, pieces of paper, animal skins, metals can be ‘money’ because money is a concept not a thing.  So if people imagine that computer programs are ‘money’ they can be money in actuality.  But what these sorts of money buy is another issue altogether.  And Bitcoins mainly buy illicit things when the buyers and sellers want secrecy and thus, is part of the nebulous underworld. Continue reading


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Krugman Doesn’t Understand How Government Debt Flows Into Offshore Banks

Paul Krugman is the leading ‘expert’ (sic) for wild money printing and wild government spending as a cure for a huge credit bubble breaking.  Both the left and the right are wrong about what ails the world economic system.  We are drowning in a flood of red ink and money printing since the winners of world trade manufacturing exporting are those who destroy their home base currency making exports cheaper.  And the money produced by this flood of ZIRP lending by central banks flows instantly to offshore banks.  So far, $34 trillion sits there, outside of the economies the liberals want to grow via government debt.  This debt=more money in offshore accounts, less money at home. Continue reading


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