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Texas Hurricane Floods Will Be Tremendously Expensive To Fix

I made my living rebuilding houses.  I mostly worked on brownstones in NY City or mansions in New Jersey.  I know all about water damage and what this means and why it is even more expensive to fix than fire damage (outside of total destruction, of course).  Buildings in the last half century have been built with lots of insulation and when this gets wet, it destroys the wood and everything else around it.  Sheet rock that is wet has to be removed, too.

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Charity Frauds: Biggest Is Conference On Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

Inside the hidden world of thefts, scams and phantom purchases at the nation’s nonprofits – The Washington Post:  I have recently in the past written about nonprofit scams.  So here is the WP list of organizations that admit to the government they have also been scammed for money via fraud or criminal actions.  The is long but the one most prone for fraud is the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany which paid out (accidentally, hahaha) over $60 million by Jewish Israeli/American fraudsters.

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