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DNC/RNC Treason In Congress: No Money For Wall So VET Raises $1.4 Million in ONE DAY For Wall

Triple Amputee VET who lost limbs in our foreign wars, raised more than $2 million for border wall in just THREE DAYS.

Yes, we can do it!  The Congress, as I often point out, is owned via naked bribery, by the Bilderberg gang.  They want open borders!  Big time.  That and to tax us all on a fake ‘global warming’ scare (hard to pull off now that it is much colder) is their looting methodology they cooked up two decades ago.  Since voters do not control Washington, DC, we have to endure endless treasons for the time being.

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France, Working For Netanyahu, Scuttles Iran Nuke Talks In Paris

Literally in the middle of the night, the French deliberately torpedoed the nuke negotiations in Paris after Netanyahu threw a huge fit over progress made previously.  Like in America, the Jewish community in France is very politically active and quite large and can throw its weight around quite a bit as was demonstrated in the middle of the night when it is most convenient for killing off things they don’t want.


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