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California Suburb Fires Kill Hundreds, California Is Always A Disaster State

California is burning yet again.  All the fires are the same: houses burn to the ground long before touching any trees that surround these houses.  Many people lose homes or die in California due to fires that are getting worse due to a global cooling drought that is causing easily foreseen problems.  The liberals want to blame this on ‘global warming’ and hope to make the entire planet much cooler in order to live in comfort in a state that has a history of droughts going far back in time.  Also, liberal DNC gang wants to disarm citizens now leading to possible civil war.

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Southern California Only Place With Global Warming, SNOW In Texas!

Intellicast maps.

California is warm, has drought and fires while other half of nation freezes, very wet: We are having a very cold fall.  It is more like winter where I live.  I used to live in California during the previous cold cycle of the 1970’s.  It was cold and wet back then.  This time around, California is still hot and dry but that won’t last much longer.  But due to the fires and hysteria, the DNC is screaming that we have to make the world much colder to keep Southern California happy.  I have many disputes with ‘climate scientists’ (sic) and one of them is ‘how to interpret weather patterns.’

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Trump Correctly Calls California To Clear Trees In Fire Breaks, Liberals Blow Up, Scream At Him


California has been steadily turned into a hell hole by liberals starting in the 1970’s.  I was chased out by these lunatics many years ago and now all my relatives whose families were there since the Gold Rush, have left. All the hard lessons we collectively learned there are now ignored by newcomers.  My grandfather worked on firebreaks when he was a young man.  These cleared areas were for fire control.  They came into practice under Teddy Roosevelt.  Now, ‘nature lovers’ who are ‘liberals’ want no more fire breaks so the maintenance of these vital breaks broke down.

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Over 60 Villagers Burned To Death In Forest Fire Inferno: All Unnecessary Deaths

Forest fires kill 57 in central Portugal , Pedrogao Grande, wildfire, Figueiró dos Vinhos, – YouTube


Tragic fire in Portugal illustrates how dangerous it can be if people don’t know what to do in a fire emergency.  The tower fire in England is also a harsh lesson now that we learned that there was confusion and chaos that led to many dead in that terrible fire.

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2 Die In Colorado Spring Suburb Forest Fires

Colorado is burning

2 found dead in area burned by Colo. wildfire – CBS News.  It is fire season out West and the pretty landscape that is so attractive there become deadly.  Suburbs were invented in cool climate areas like the Northeast US.  Immediately, due to the invention of cars, this spread in the far West.  This meant people could build in foothills and up mountains there even though the environment is totally different from New York or Massachusetts.  This year, fires are raging in these far suburbs built where fires happen frequently due to the ecology of these suburbs before houses were built. Continue reading


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