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Abe Boasts Openly About Duping The Americans In Trade And Warmongering

EVERY President beginning with Reagan in particular, gets Japanese money when they retire and now, even before that, when they are running for President.  Like AIPAC, Japanese money warps our government so it works for them, not us.  This is why all our trade with Japan is nearly totally one way and ditto, Israel which also runs a big trade surplus with the US while both nations demand we back every imperial move possible and provoke deliberate wars with neighbors expecting us to fight their battles.

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Ukraine Fascist Party ‘Right Sector’ Attacks Parliament

The IMF dictator of Ukraine hates Putin

The far right is fighting the IMF puppet dictator in Kiev as Ukraine falls apart.  No surprise here.  Putin’s Approval Rating Rises to 80% – Poll | Russia | RIA Novosti which also doesn’t surprise me.

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War On Workers Is Destroying Xmas

In general, if the US dollar and EU euro rise in value, stocks soar in Asia so…Asia stocks rise, as Tokyo hits six-year high which is no surprise, the entire business is all about using FOREX accounts to make the dollar and euro stronger while a fractured Europe is unable to stop this and a delusional US Fed Reserve run mainly by dual citizens who don’t care about the US, stands by helplessly as this process destroys the entire US industrial economic system.


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