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Washington And Berlin On Collision Course As Merkel Tries To Enslave US Taxpayers

Trump Merkel White House meeting, no handshake – YouTube from last March when Trump decided to begin confrontations with freeloading European leaders.


All our long succession of Bilderberg gang Presidents, we have protected European and Asian ‘allies’ at our own expense as our budget deficit ballooned to many trillions of dollars.  These fake allies are demanding this continue to infinity and as Trump goes from one foreign military confrontation to another…like all previous Presidents, at least he is openly demanding that our freeloading fake allies start protecting themselves instead of having US taxpayers do this for them.  About time!  And they resent this tremendously.

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It’s A Small World After All, As US/EU Sanctions Against Russia Strangle Western Economic Systems

Putin asks government to develop countermeasures to Western sanctions such as Passengers could face longer journeys to Far East as Russia considers banning western airlines from its airspace in revenge for sanctions plus deals with China and reduction in EU energy sales and this: Vladimir Putin signs historic $20bn oil deal with Iran to bypass Western sanctions – Telegraph:


Under the terms of a five-year accord, Russia would help Iran organise oil sales as well as “cooperate in the oil-gas industry, construction of power plants, grids, supply of machinery, consumer goods and agriculture products”, according to a statement by the Energy Ministry in Moscow.


Despite the U-turn, news of a possible agreement hit US markets. The Dow fell 139 points, or 0.8pc, led by energy companies such as Chevron, down 2.5pc, and ExxonMobil, down 1.9pc. Brent Crude fell 1.5pc before recovering to trade down 0.7pc at $104.61.

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Riots Break Out All Over The Earth Due To High-Energy Cost Depression Grips Lower Classes

Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 12.00.35 PM

Test question: Is the above picture showing riots in Ukraine to overthrow the elected President there?  Answer: Nope.  It is Spain.  Spanish riot police arrest 12 in clashes with anti-austerity protesters | World news | theguardian.comMarch for Dignity: Spain has ‘had enough’, say 2.5 million protesters.  The government there is imposing IMF rules on the population and is very unpopular and the people there will be militarily suppressed with the EU and US cheering this.

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Elite Historians And Diplomats (sic) Are Desperate To Deny That The Crimea Confrontation Can Cause WWIII

Scene of bloodiest battle Western front WWI France

Siegfried Sassoon – Poem: ‘On passing the new Menin Gate’. – YouTube: The above picture is the point in France where the Allies stopped the German push to Paris in 1915.  This battle lasted for nearly half a year and killed a million soldiers.  It is a flat field they turned into the moon, cratering everything in sight.  The butchery of WWI was the end result of globalization and free trade (that is, one way free trade with the Europeans and Americans forcing open closed markets like China and Japan!) which mirrors today with one way free trade and globalization oppressing the workers severely while bankrupting empires that are so used to looting the world, they loot their home base which is insane and stupid but they can’t help themselves.  The US/Russia/China battle for dominance pits an increasingly bankrupt US against two of the greater sovereign wealth nations on earth.  We will lose this confrontation and go totally bankrupt. Continue reading


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