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New Zealand’s Female Liberal Government Is Now Totally Censoring News About Mass Murderer


Yes, publishing the news can put one in prison for many years.  I have pointed out repeatedly how liberal governments in the ‘West’ are actually vile communist regimes determined to control populations via censoring the news or misreporting the news or utterly lying about reality and imposing this on us via ‘news’ systems that are utterly corrupt.  The mass murderer in New Zealand had a crazy agenda which he published online and which reflects a number of far extreme ideologies which infest people’s minds.  But we are not to know what this verboten beliefs are since the government and the mainstream media and internet controllers are desperate to prevent anyone from reading this information.


Hmmm…this reminds me of who did this in the past: Stalin and Mao!  Wow.  Imagine that.  I have watched with fascination as the State in England which is determined to destroy English citizen sovereignty, how they first defamed Tommy Robinson making him more popular so they ended up imprisoning him for, get this, reporting the actual, real news!  This is verboten in England these days.


The Brits have zero ‘freedom of speech’.  No one in Europe or Asia or South America or Africa have ‘freedom of speech’ nor do the Canadians or Mexicans on our continent.  Only the US has this enshrined in our legal systems!


So, discussing the motivations of the mass murderer in New Zealand will land one in prison for a long time and a hefty fine.  So no one will talk about this matter.  Wow.  That fixes things…NOT.  Of course not.


My very first public demonstration years ago was about free speech.  I have been a stalwart for free speech all my long life.  And this is what is being systematically destroyed by fake liberals.  The desire for power is so corrupting, the liberals are putting a noose around their own silly necks in order to prevent anyone from disputing their ‘facts’ especially their global warming scam ‘facts’.

New Zealand ‘liberals’ now can put in prison anyone possessing real news that the liberals want censored.  This is ‘liberalism’ falling right into Stalinism in one fell crash. Fake liberals in America are desperate to end ‘free speech’ and want to remove whole sections of the Bill of Rights in the name of preserving the State and the liberal status quo.


Terrorist Brenton Tarrant used Facebook Live to broadcast the first 17 minutes of his attack on the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand at approximately 1:40 p.m. on Friday – the first of two mosque attacks which left 50 dead and 50 injured.


Copies of Tarrant’s livestream, along with his lengthy manifesto, began to rapidly circulate on various file hosting sites following the attack, which as we noted Friday – were quickly scrubbed from mainstream platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Scribd. YouTube has gone so far as to intentionally disable search filters so that people cannot find Christchurch shooting materials – including footage of suspected multiple shooters as well as the arrest of Tarrant and other suspects.


If talking about divisive things is illegal, how about shutting down the mosques that preach religious warfare?  Eh?  This is a key issue: who gets to yap about stuff.  The liberals freely talk about annihilating entire populations via a race war against ‘white males’ and no one is arrested or even silenced.  Far from it, the mainstream media cheerfully pushes a race war against white males.


What hasn’t dawned on many of them is, ‘white males’ includes JEWISH men who are pushing this war against men.  They think the bullets won’t be aimed at them!  Perish the thought!


But they are in the bull’s eye of elimination.  The Muslim/gay/feminazi alliance is very determined to eliminate white male Jews.  But only ‘cis’ male Jews.  I guess that gay Jews won’t be slaughtered which is insanity, they are the #1 target of Muslim hatred.


Even writing about this is verboten now in many ‘liberal’ countries mainly run by females.  I am lucky to be living in America but online censorship is rising rapidly as our Real Rulers freak out more and more as power slips through their fingers.


Rep. Devin Nunes sues Twitter for $250 million in damages for censoring conservatives–


Twitter is also censoring prominent pro-Trump accounts including: Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, Paul Joseph Watson, TGP’s Jim Hoft, TGP’s Cassandra Fairbanks, former TGP writer Lucian Wintrich, TGP’s Cristina Laila and Laura Loomer . Laura Loomer has since been eliminated from Twitter.


TWITTER, ELIZABETH A. “LIZ” MAIR, ) MAIR STRATEGIES, LLC, ) “DEVIN NUNES’ MOM” ) [@DevinNunesMom] ) “DEVIN NUNES’ COW” )[@DevinCow] )) Defendants.)
Plaintiff, Devin G. Nunes, by counsel, files the following Complaint against
defendants, Twitter, Inc. (“Twitter”), Elizabeth A. “Liz” Mair (“Mair”), Mair Strategies, LLC (“Mair Strategies”), “Devin Nunes’ Mom” (@DevinNunesMom) and “Devin  Nunes’ cow” (@DevinCow), jointly and severally. Plaintiff seeks (a) compensatory damages and punitive damages in an amount not less than
$250,000,000.00, principal sum awarded by the Jury from March 18, 2018 to the date of Judgment at the rate of six percent (6%) per year pursuant to § 8.01-382 of the Virginia Code (1950), as amended (the “Code”), injunctive relief, and (d) court costs – arising out of defendants’ negligence, defamation, insulting words, and civil conspiracy.of viewpoints with which it disagrees, (b) by shadow-banning conservatives, such as Plaintiff, (c) by knowingly hosting and monetizing content that is clearly abusive, hateful and defamatory – providing both a voice and financial incentive to the defamers –thereby facilitating defamation on its platform, (d) by completely ignoring lawful complaints about offensive content and by allowing that content to remain accessible to the public, and (e) by intentionally abandoning and refusing to enforce its so-called Terms of Service and Twitter Rules – essentially refusing to self-regulate – thereby selectively amplifying the message of defamers such as Mair, Devin Nunes’ Mom and Devin Nunes’ cow, and materially contributing to the libelousness of the hundreds of posts at issue in this action.


Nunes is suing Twitter for its one sided censorship rules.  Preventing discussions is what Twitter and Facebook and You Tube, etc. are all about.  ‘Managing’ their sites in a very discriminatory way is now being taken to many courts.  Defamation of character suits are rising rapidly as California/West Coast/DC/NYC fake liberals running large parts of the internet are hauled into court here in the USA where we have civil rights still.


No such luck in England, for example, where it is legal to abuse people and censor people and imprison people for making jokes.  Britain used to be famous for their humor…it is dead.  Totally dead.  You don’t dare tell any joke poking at the Powers that Rule.  Now, everyone has to be terrified of being hauled into court due to a funny Hitler pug video.


Alan Krueger, Obama’s top economist committed suicide this week.  He couldn’t destroy us so he destroyed himself.  Note the element of hopelessness from someone very close to Mr. Hope and Change, himself.



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End Of Free Speech In England 2014: Politician Arrested For Quoting Churchill

In 2014, a politician, Paul Weston, was arrested in England this weekend for giving a speech quoting Churchill.  Churchill, the leader who defied Hitler and the Nazis is now a forbidden man to talk about in public if a Muslim takes offense.  I have pointed out repeatedly that England NEVER EVER had ‘free speech’.  They love to pretend they have had it in the past but this is a total lie.  My own ancestors came to the New World when it was very harsh living here, due entirely to the free speech issue.  A relative of mine, Richard Steele, created the first newspaper in England, but my ancestors saw what happened to anyone doing free speech which is why our Constitution has the #1 right to be the right of free speech.

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Electronic Frontier Foundation Fights For Free Speech Online

The Washington Post is an SJW/Bilderberg publication that hates Trump just like fellow Bilderberg rag, the New York Times.  Both papers attack Trump and 50% of American voters nonstop.  They call us names, they defame us, they ban us, they persecute us, they egg on ANTIFA attackers to bully us…the list is endless of how these two papers work in tandem to take over America.  And it is failing.  Now, they are howling yet again about whether or not Trump said naughty words in private!  And at the same time, big liberal icons get pulled down due to beating up their wives or wanting sex with small children or other noxious behaviors!  Will they ever learn?  The Electronic Frontier Foundation is begging the rich Bilderberg gang to not censor the internet.  Of course, they won’t listen.


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Free Speech For Leftists/Total Censorship Even Prison For Everyone Else

What Double Standard? Bill Maher Posts Photos Comparing GOP Politician to ‘Planet of the Apes’ Monkey – NO MEDIA OUTRAGE: he wasn’t fired.  He wasn’t called names.  Big corporations didn’t have a caniptionfit from hell.  Nothing.  Not reported, except on the right hand side of the news which the leftists are trying to crush.  The NY Times is New York Slimes, they continue to support the female from Asia demanding all white males be murdered.  The left has finally gone totally insane.  So it is no surprise to me that the #2 creature in the DNC leadership, Keith Ellison, is a wife abuser who uses force on women, too.

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Facebook Bans “Why We Revolt” Part Of Declaration Of Independence For “Hate Speech”

Facebook Algorithm Flags The Declaration Of Independence As “Hate Speech”: the computers set up to prevent free speech at online forums which simultaneously allow Jihadists to scream about killing everyone and black activists and ANTIFA gangs openly display torrential hatred and called for mass murder…but publishing anything slightly radical if one is a white male: verboten!  All chatter from the gang running Facebook about censoring everyone is fake, they only began censoring obvious calls to mass murder populations when forced.  Even then, postings and videos calling for Trump and his family to be assassinated…the posters are not banned for life or even one day.

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Zuckerberg Tells Europe He Will Happily Censor ‘Fake News’ aka: Alternative Media

WATCH: Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the European Parliament – YouTube


This farcial hearing is all about the EU Bilderberg rulers telling Zuckerberg to double down on what he is already doing: censoring anyone to the right of Mad Madame Maoists who run riot in our society.  He assured the EU bosses that he would definitely censor ‘fake news’ which is a lie.  He will certainly not censor CNN or the New York Times or any mainstream fake news, he will censor only alternative news and foreign news from outside the EU/US/Bilderberg systems.  The demand to censor online news comes strictly from far leftists and our evil rulers.

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England Is Destroying Free Speech, Will Put Any Opposition Leaders In Prison If Followers Are RUDE Online!

This Week in Stupid (13/05/2018) – YouTube


England is leaving the EU but the Real Rulers in London hate this and are dragging their feet in leaving the EU.  Meanwhile, the elites in England are busy killing the internet so citizens, like in Sweden and Germany and France, will be put in prison for posting the ‘wrong stuff’ online especially talking about Muslim terrorists like the one who attacked and killed in Paris this week.  All discussions about the Muslim invasion of Europe are forbidden by Bilderberg operatives in Europe and Canada and other no-free speech countries.

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