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Conservatives Kill People And Liberals Kill People: Both Point Fingers

Screen shot 2015-01-25 at 8.36.55 AM

Unhappy Japanese orphans pose with foreign ladies showing gifts for Xmas.  None will ever be adopted.


Here is an example of conservatives not caring if people die:End Obamacare, and people could die. That’s okay. – The Washington Post


In a world of scarce resources, a slightly higher mortality rate is an acceptable price to pay for certain goals — including more cash for other programs, such as those that help the poor; less government coercion and more individual liberty; more health-care choice for consumers, allowing them to find plans that better fit their needs; more money for taxpayers to spend themselves; and less federal health-care spending. This opinion is not immoral. Such choices are inevitable. They are made all the time.

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California Drought Long Gone While Amazon Natives Furious About Global Warming Plans

global warming is so cold

California is getting lots and lots and lots of rain so of course, the sun lovers of Malibu who want to freeze the rest of humanity are now whining because global cooling is hammering them now.  Even so, the global warmists cling to their ideology desperately.  At the CO2 ‘let’s strangle capitalism and kill millions like in North Korea’ meeting continues, the natives of Africa and South America have finally figured out that THEY will be forced to live in total poverty to cool the planet even more.

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Bitter Winter Weather Grips Nation While Media And Elites Try To Ignore This Again Like Last Year

october fall sunset november winter sunrise 2014

The global warmists are relentless.  Even as people suffer all over the planet from super cold weather, all they care about is how warm it is in Malibu, California or the summer coastal weather in Australia.  Yesterday, a bunch of religious (global warming is a religion now) fanatics in warm Australia buried their heads in the sand to protest the rest of us sane people because they want us COLDER due to their religious mania.  Anyone complaining about warming should be sent post-haste to Churchill, Canada, to feed the polar bears.

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‘Climatologist’ Mann Screams We Will Roast To Death In 2036!

Climate Prediction Center – Seasonal Color Maps

2014 April predictions show very cold northern regions



Increasingly desperate, the global warmists are howling at us that we are going to freeze—roast to death.  Michael Mann is leading the fire brigade with another hot blast of hot air, we are doomed, he cries, absolutely doomed to roast to death by 2036.  This day is chosen based on his hockey stick graphs.  Even as he admits at last that yes, global warming has ceased.  Without any reasonable explanation accounting for this mysterious lack of heating, he shoves the story of warming forwards.  Not even bothering with the ‘climate change’ hocus pocus.

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Environmentalists Worried About Global Warming Freaking Out: Gallup Poll Shows Americans Don’t Care All That Much

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 8.39.30 PM

As I predicted yet again, the issue of global warming has been faltering for a while and went into a tail spin this winter.  I predicted that the Democrats will be hammered on this issue next election if the global cooling gets even worse.  Liberals are foaming at the mouth tonight, in delusion about people’s real feelings about the weather.  This chase after a will’o’whisp is going to come to a bad end for Democrats who will end up in the swamps or more likely, dinner for the growing army of polar bears.

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Another Polar Vortex Sub Zero Midweek: Global Warmists Want To Eliminate All Debates

freeze map March 10, 2014

Intellicast – Frost & Freeze in United States: Below is a map showing the next Arctic cold front that will send temperatures plunging yet again, down to near zero here in the Northeast by  Wednesday night:

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 8.49.36 AM



The cruel grip of winter continues its stranglehold on North America.  Meanwhile, the South is warming up until this cold wave hits yet again so we can talk about how we are all going to roast to death.  One of the strangest things about the ongoing debates this year is how typical Ice Age impending conditions are being blamed on it being too hot.  Droughts, for example, are very much ice age climate conditions.  The temporary flooding we see in the warmer places like England and Europe is the tail end of a warming cycle, not the beginning.

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Global Warmists Want No Meat And Democratic Senators Hold All Night Vigil For Making It Even Colder

global warmists want no meat for Americans

The vegetarian movement has hit on a new way of getting people to go veggie.  In past history, rulers were meat eaters while the peasants were punished if they hunted for meat and this made the rulers bigger and stronger and the peasants remain thinner, weaker and smaller.  Ever since the US took over the Great Plains, even peasants could buy meat though this was still a rare treat for them.  Remember, a chicken on Sunday in every pot was first said by Henry IV of France way back in 1600.  And Hoover used this back in the Great Depression.  The modern liberal global warmists want no chicken or beef (note Brit royal guards were called ‘Beefeaters’ because this made them big and strong so they could repel rioting peasants!) nor heating in winter for US peasants. Continue reading


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