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Over 90% Football Players Suffer Severe Brain Damage, Die Young Or Commit Suicide

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The Unofficial 2014 NFL Player Census – Best Tickets Blog: this shows clearly that the vast majority of pro players are black men who are desperate to hit the jackpot no matter what.


New: 87 Deceased NFL Players Test Positive for Brain Disease | Concussion Watch | FRONTLINE | PBS has a special on TV about the new report that is quite shocking but no surprise to me.  Most mothers have forbidden their sons to play football  much so white participation has dropped from nearly 100% 60 years ago to barely more than a quarter today.  Whites still play the game mainly because they heavily dominate the ‘executive positions with the quarterbacks on pro teams making up over 70% of the players while the violent positions like the CB team has zero, yes, zero whites and 170 blacks and this is where the brain damage is the worst.

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Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Transformer Explosion Reminds Us How Close Nuclear Disaster Is To NYC

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Tornado, foot of snow hit S.D. as Great Plains in storm path – StarTribune.com

We know for certain that nuclear power plants blow up.  It isn’t frequent but the consequences are dire and last generations, not brief.  Cleaning up after an event is nearly impossible which renders nuclear energy as a very dangerous solution to energy desires.  The other day I wrote about the orbital solar energy beaming down to earth based energy collection/transmission points and people pointed out the various concerns about dong this but none came even remotely near the realistic and highly destructive problems created by exploding nuclear power plants.  They are nearly unique in their ability to make huge areas evolutionary danger hot zones due to causing genetic damage to all living things.


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EU Plans To Take Over Gasprom Ignoring How This Will Start WWIII

The EU and US leaders continue to push for WWIII.  The latest scheme is to destroy Russia’s energy market to Europe:  In Accusing Russian Energy Giant Gazprom, E.U. Begins a Test of Wills – NYTimes.com


The antitrust chief, Margrethe Vestager, took pains to describe the matter in terms of business markets. But the case cannot help but be a test of geopolitical wills, given the tension between Russia and the West over the Kremlin’s involvement in the Ukraine crisis.


Gazprom’s immediate response seemed aimed at elevating the issue to a matter of international relations. Gazprom suggested that it was not subject to the European Union’s antitrust jurisdiction because it is a state-controlled company. It signaled it was effectively an arm of the Russian government, “empowered by the laws of the Russian Federation with special socially significant functions” and with “the status of a strategic government-controlled business entity.”


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Fukushima Continues To Run Out Of Control

▶ Japan: Drone captures TONNES of nuclear waste being stored at Fukushima – YouTube


Even as mainstream media screams about ‘global warming’ and ‘California’s deserts are DRY!’ we have studious silence about Fukushima.  This Chicken Little approach to reality has a heavy price: the nuclear disaster that is still quite active and going strong, is definitely affecting the environment in deadly ways.  And no one has the faintest idea how to stop this.


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No More Nuclear Fuel In Core Of Fukushima Reactor #1

New images show all melted fuel is “gone” from Fukushima reactor — Experts: Molten core may have reached outer environment, can’t tell if fuel is still contained — Official: “We presume fuel still in containment vessel… but we need to check one day”  sometime in the far, far future which will probably never come.


The global warmists have been quite loudly proclaiming that saving us from a warmer climate means using mainly nuclear power.  They don’t say this all too loudly because of the catastrophes in Ukraine and Japan.  So they talk about solar/wind energy which is supplemental, not useful in the long run.


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NATO Continues Wanting War With Russia, Israel Got Hydrogen Bomb Illegally From US Traitors

New Sanctions Weighed Against Russia as U.S. military vehicles paraded 300 yards from the Russian border as NATO has decided, after Germany surrendered to Russia, to up the ante and push harder for WWIII with Russia.  Spring is coming and that is time for invasions, of course.  All previous invasions of Russia being such roaring successes…it constantly baffles me how history can be ignored so easily.  This childish belief that history doesn’t matter really grinds my gears.

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Japan Wants War With Russia Over Siberian Islands


Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 7.45.02 AMNorthern Territories Day ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Ever since our rulers signed a deal with Japan whereby we will fight all of Japan’s wars for them just like NATO’s wonderful deal where we fight all the wars, too, the LDP fascists have been picking fights with all its neighbors that it attacked during WWII and before that war.  Now they want a war with Russia as well as China.  This is insanity.

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