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Gunman In Canada Parliament Shooting Is Son Of Immigration Chief

In the Californian desert, UK and US forces crave ‘a crack at the headcutters’ because media stories don’t tell the entire truth.  All the evil things the ISIS army is doing is EXACTLY the same things Saudi Arabia does day and night and has done for the last 100 years.  They are imitating Saudi Arabia’s rulers.  This includes forcing women to wear Saudi-style veils.  Beheadings, beatings, persecution of all other non-Sunni religious people, stoning women, enslaving children and foreign workers and other religious believers, etc. is exactly how our best ally in the Muslim world does daily.


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Oligarchs Unite To Stop Putin: Obama Says Crimea Vote Worse Than US Invasion Of Iraq

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The Arab League slams Syrian regime ‘massacres’ but is perfectly OK with Saudi-funded wars of aggression, suppression of Shi’ites under Arab Sunni rule, gross violation of all women’s rights, outright slavery, and of course, funding al Qaeda so they can attack various countries including the US on 9/11.

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Watchdog Report: NSA Spying Is ILLEGAL, 1st And 4th Amendments Are Violated

First, the good news:  Watchdog Report Says N.S.A. Program Is Illegal and Should End – NYTimes.com and this is all about our Constitutional rights of privacy which are being violated left and right and basically have ceased to exist:


The program “lacks a viable legal foundation under Section 215, implicates constitutional concerns under the First and Fourth Amendments, raises serious threats to privacy and civil liberties as a policy matter, and has shown only limited value,” the report said. “As a result, the board recommends that the government end the program.”


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Crazy Warmonger Gates Attacks Obama For Trying To Escape Afghanistan Trap


Former Pentagon leader Gates has published this whiny, imperial rot book whereby he complains that Obama isn’t enough of a crazed warmonger like previous Bilderberg/AIPAC rulers.  He, himself, boasts about going into Afghanistan briefly under impressive armed protection to tell the Americans stuck there that he ‘loved’ them and he frets why Obama couldn’t go there and spread some man on man love, too.  This, from a homophobic military man strikes me as rather funny since he obviously can’t see how insane he really is.  Do you send men you adore to a death trap to die for no reason?  Only if you have very strange seething sexual bizarre impulses.

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