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EU Leaders Furious, After Killing Russian Pipeline Through Bulgaria, Putin Forces EU To Buy Gas Only Through Turkey

Victory Day parade on Moscow’s Red Square 2014 (FULL VIDEO) – YouTube

Gazprom warns EU to link to Turkey pipeline or lose Russian gas as Russia to Shift Ukraine Gas Transit to Turkey as EU Cries Foul which is hilarious considering how hostile, violent and brutal the NATO nations were when they engineered a fascist right wing nationalist coup in Ukraine! Trouble in the pipeline if Russia cuts Europe off goes under ‘duh!’  How stupid is this?  Well, the EU and US wanted WWIII so now they are getting it.  Each time they stab at Russia, Russia stabs them. DUH!  Do this enough times and we get ICBMs flying all over the place which is why the collapse in diplomacy is so spectacularly stupid.  But the US decided not too long ago, we were the only power on earth and could dictate to everyone, what happens next.  Our first orders were to the Muslims: you will bow to Zionism and give us your oil and anything else we want.  And this was so far a spectacular failure.


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Ukraine Worsens, Ethnic Tensions Rise, Russia Withdraws Loan Offer, Ukraine Demands $35 Billion Bail Out (from US taxpayers, I presume)


gas from Russia to Europe

Russia–Ukraine gas disputes – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The world is in turmoil.  There are various uprisings in many countries like Thailand, where today the Thai PM rules out resigning as bombs, gunfire punctuate unrest for example, or Bosnia unrest is ‘local fire’ that can be put out: PM says, Venezuela Opposition Cancels Maduro Talks as Unrest Grows in South America, or the British-run island holding pen in the Pacific where the Manus Island detention centre security staff allowed armed locals into facility, witnesses say leading to a riot/breakout.  There is the open warfare in Iraq with dozens killed every day and entire cities taken over by armed insurrectionists and then there is Syria and on and on and on.  During eras when empires collapse, we get upticks in this sort of unrest.  And the US is going bankrupt like all empires that tried to control the planet.  Our slipping grip on world power is obvious.

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