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Russia’s Credit Ratings Continue To Rise And Rise

Russia is one of the biggest FOREX holders on earth after the Chinese and Japanese.  The US has seven trillion in IOUs held overseas due to the biggest trade deficit in the history of humanity.  The US tried desperately to destroy Russia’s banking system this year.  But it was, as I accurately predicted, a laughing failure.  Instead, the mess caused the euro to nearly collapse.

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EU Leaders Furious, After Killing Russian Pipeline Through Bulgaria, Putin Forces EU To Buy Gas Only Through Turkey

Victory Day parade on Moscow’s Red Square 2014 (FULL VIDEO) – YouTube

Gazprom warns EU to link to Turkey pipeline or lose Russian gas as Russia to Shift Ukraine Gas Transit to Turkey as EU Cries Foul which is hilarious considering how hostile, violent and brutal the NATO nations were when they engineered a fascist right wing nationalist coup in Ukraine! Trouble in the pipeline if Russia cuts Europe off goes under ‘duh!’  How stupid is this?  Well, the EU and US wanted WWIII so now they are getting it.  Each time they stab at Russia, Russia stabs them. DUH!  Do this enough times and we get ICBMs flying all over the place which is why the collapse in diplomacy is so spectacularly stupid.  But the US decided not too long ago, we were the only power on earth and could dictate to everyone, what happens next.  Our first orders were to the Muslims: you will bow to Zionism and give us your oil and anything else we want.  And this was so far a spectacular failure.


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Near Record Sea Ice During ‘Warmest Year Ever’ While World Oil Futures Continue Fall

Screen shot 2014-12-29 at 8.26.30 AM

Global Sea Ice Area Second Highest On Record as the ICPP claims this is the warmest year ever.  The cold cycles have shifted mainly to Europe and Asia this winter, this month.  While we have a global oil glut caused by derivative futures deals made by traders, all the oil export nations including Russia and Saudi Arabia are seeing profits fall.  The US is betting on Russia falling into chaos due to this but I am betting it will be the Saudis who will fall.

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Oil Wars Will End Up Killing Off US And Saudi Arabia, Not Russia

Screen shot 2014-12-17 at 6.51.22 AM

How far do oil prices have to fall to throttle the US shale boom? – Vox


It appears that the US and Saudi Arabia, that is, the country that supports torture of prisoners and the country that beheads people for not obeying the strictest form of Muslim beliefs and stones women to death for infractions like say, driving a car, are attacking Russia which is a liberal, modern country that has rights for women and no religious persecution.  The scheme is to flood the world markets with oil and then cause Putin to be unpopular and then see the Russian flounder and fail and fall apart like when they were led by the very unpopular communist party.

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Oceans Stay Warm As Continents Cool Down: How All Ice Ages Start

Tom Toles: Political Cartoons from Tom Toles – The Washington Post

Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 7.32.53 AM

I looked at the cartoon…it is 19 degrees outside due to it being a very cold year, and I thought the white stuff in this cartoon was snow.  And then I realized, no, this is a liberal cartoonist working for a West Coast billionaire who has enjoyed warmer than normal winters unlike the vast majority of us and this cartoon is supposed to be sand due to us all roasting to death.

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Merkel Woos Putin For Winter Heating As Utilitarianism Comes With Cold Weather

The cold weather is making you bitchy, says science:

No kidding!  Below zero makes a person outright swearing, pissed off.  You hop up and down and flap your arms across the chest and try hard as hell to find some warm place to run.  It is more interesting than that, it also makes a person think harder and do saner things.  People who do dumb things when it is bitterly cold, die.  I work a lot in severe cold and can attest to this fact.  You become very organized and focused on finishing the task as quickly as possible.  Mainly, shoveling snow or repairing something or going somewhere.

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The Permanent Court Of Arbitration Tells Russia To Give Oligarch Looters $50 Billion For Yukos

Hague court orders Russia to pay $50 billion in Yukos case | Reuters: this hostile ruling will join all the other EU attempts at starting WWIII.  Yukos is the energy business which was basically a Yeltsin drunk looting expedition of Russia’s natural resources.  The EU court even admits this.  But still thinks all governments that take natural resource systems from outsiders (the Russian Mafioso types all moved to London before this happened) should pay them in full!  For returning what often, they shouldn’t have in the first place.

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