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Russia Today News Is Only Real News In NATO Nations


Poor France!  The country is sliding into bankruptcy, a flood of illegal Muslim aliens, nearly all men, are ripping it apart systematically and the election was boycotted by one third of the voters who wanted a fantasy candidate and the paralysis that is driving the NATO nations off the cliff continues as the anti-Russian propaganda is used as an excuse for crummy election systems…blame Putin for voting messes!  The easy road is always the one to hell, isn’t it?  Yet people follow through, not thinking about the future consequences.

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Bill Maher Talks To Milo On TV And Left Goes Nuts

Bill Maher vs Milo Yiannopoulos: OVERTIME (Full Segment) – YouTube

We just had this election and the new President took over and all the stuff hidden from view by ‘mainstream media’ is suddenly front page news with this twist: everything festering for years is now being blamed on Trump after one month in office.  Amazing.  The left continues to protest everything and censor whatever they can and this is causing people to slowly back off from leftists as they get more and more unpopular.

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Berkeley President and Staff Think Riots, Arson and Assault are OK

The University of California, Berkeley’s Chancellor and chief of police both refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing, or even mistakes, in their response to last week’s riots on campus.


In a recent interview with KQED News, Chancellor Nicholas Dirks defended his school’s response to the violent riots, arguing that they in no way hurt the prestigious university’s reputation of protecting First Amendment rights on campus.


HAHAHA…when I was still 19 years old, when a young Japanese policeman was shot in front of our commune, I wrote an editorial for the Berkeley Barb about it and the crazy left went totally nuts and even threatened my life and I left for good, telling them all, ‘You are evil and stupid.’

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GOP Leader Of House Now Guilty Of Boy/Man Sex!!!

Screen shot 2015-10-29 at 7.57.08 AM

North American Man/Boy Love Association has been condemned by every GOP creep on earth for years and years and years and then we have this startling news (hahaha) yesterday: Ex-House Speaker Dennis Hastert pleads GUILTY to hiding underage gay sex plot | Daily Mail Online


Ex-House Speaker Dennis Hastert pleads GUILTY to hiding underage gay sex plot:  Dennis Hastert, 73, was indicted in May for breaking federal banking laws while paying hush money to someone blackmailing him.


That unnamed individual, a male, was allegedly molested by Hastert during the politician’s days as a high school wrestling coach
Appearing in court in Chicago Wednesday, he said: ‘I didn’t want them to know how I intended to spend the money’.


Hastert admitted to one count of ‘structuring’ – taking money out in amounts below $10,000 to evade bank reporting rules on large withdrawals
He could face up to five years prison, but sources say he will serve a year.

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Many Anti-sex GOP Are Sex Fiends

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Dennis Hastert and the chain of congressional corruption: not only did he, like most everyone in Congress and our Presidents, take bribes, he had sex problems:  ‘It was sex’: Law enforcement says Dennis Hastert hush-money scandal is about sexual abuse of a male high school student during his years as a wrestling coach.  Many a right wing sports or government icon is caught having naughty sex or rape or child molestation…just like anti-sex organizations such as the Catholic Church.  Just as I attack liberals for their anti-social ‘global warming’ garbage, I attack right wingers over their fixation with sex and how they throw rocks at others while living in glass houses themselves.

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Vatican Attacks Ireland Gay Rights Vote

Vatican Calls Ireland’s Vote for Gay Marriage a ‘Defeat for Humanity’: the ‘liberation Pope’ shows his true stripes.  When Ireland, of all places, totally Catholic, voted to give gays full civil rights, I was so very happy.  Conservative or liberal, gays have been denied basic human and civil rights and in Muslim nations are brutally persecuted, as women also are denied their rights.  Way back in the mid-1960’s, I have been 100% for sexual rights of men and women both.  Every clan in America has gay members most of whom had to hide this for generations.  The Catholic Church, based on the woman-hating Middle Eastern gods, has persecuted gays ferociously even as many gays congregated inside the Church.  Now that things are out in the open, one would hope the Pope, surrounded by gay priests, would free them of religious self-persecution.


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Iraq Falling Into Hands Of Very Violent Al Qaeda Gang

The US invasion of Iraq was totally illegal and a war crime.  The US demanded the UN disarm Saddam, he then voluntarily disarmed, we then instantly invaded after the UN confirmed this fact.  Now, Iraq is a complete disaster and al Qaeda is rapidly taking over.  The entire excuse for the invasion was to stop al Qaeda, a CIA operation in the first place.


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