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Geithner Leaves NY Fed Reserve To Serve Warburg Pincus, International Investment Vulture Fund

It is no shock to anyone to see Fed Reserve chairs joining the pirates who have destroyed our economic system.  Geithner’s rise to a top position in an international investment vulture scheme surprises no one.  He used our collective credit to bail out the bankers and their buddies, the international investment gangs.  The US economic system works on behalf of internationalists who have little regard for the citizens of this country and who view us all as so much cattle representing potential future credit value which they milk via the immense trade and budget deficits which have been imposed on us ever since Nixon killed the gold standard. Continue reading


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Japan Gets Annual New Leaders Who Can’t Lead Anyone, Anywhere

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Insidiously and rapidly, Fukushima is poisoning a big part of eastern Japan.  All the way to Tokyo, the poison silently spreads while the officials at the top of society’s pyramid there continue to be in shocking denial.  All we know from their perspective is, no one wants to be a leader of Japan because no one at the top has the faintest idea, how to save Japan from its own leaders.  This is very much like the US except we still have people anxious to be at the top so they can give out goodies to the very rich and powerful lobbying groups.  But Japan is rapidly being stripped bare of nearly everything a society needs to survive as a nation.  This is due to an inability to tax the powerful corporations which used Japan as an export base. Continue reading


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Dues Ex Wikileaks

ΩΩLike an amazing stage prop, the flood of secret cables within our State Department is now drowning our government in really nasty odorous mud.  The various actors within both the State Department and the CIA (OFTEN ONE AND THE SAME!) send interesting messages to the home base in DC which are supposed to either give out tips, hand out orders or plot various actions including the all-most important ones, namely, how to overthrow governments especially elected governments.  Most of us get to only see the end results of all this nefarious chatter.  But occasionally we get to see the real thing, raw.  This is one of the occasions, a most rare event and one that really astonishes me…. and confirms many things I know from life experience. Continue reading


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74 Yen To Dollar By Next Year Scares Japan To Death

ΩΩThe entire concept of a floating fiat currency with no gold basis for international trade was, whenever a nation ran a trade deficit, they would see the value of their currency fall and thus, be ‘self correcting’.  It didn’t work at all.  Now, we see the banking crisis which grew out of an immense Japanese carry trade bubble of lending, falling into a classic deflationary spiral as all nations strive very hard to weaken their currencies for trade advantage.  Open manipulation of the value of currencies is now de rigeur.  It is the solution to domestic declines: more export trade. Continue reading


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Japan, Krugman, Beck And The Skull And Bones NWO

ΩΩKrugman and his buddies are in full bellow for the US to fall totally down the worst parts of the Japanese rabbit hole to financial hell.  That is, let’s just spend money like drunk monkeys and hope this will fix our too much red ink crisis!  Never, ever do these ‘economists’ mention our ongoing, 35 year trade deficit!  Instead, they stupidly compare us to Japan when we are the exact opposite of Japan.  As I  have said for many years now, our true problems broil out of Tokyo and are now the size of Godzilla and no one wants to face the dire facts about all of this, especially the Japanese leadership and billionaire businessmen. Continue reading


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US Spooks Are Very Expensive

ΩΩThe US is going bankrupt.  Instead of fixing this, we see things getting worse due to the Status Quo which is being preserved no matter what.  We have two farcical spy vs spy stories this month and the BP oil catastrophe has seemed to be brought to a sudden halt, thank heavens.  The US government seems socially incapable of reforming our messy banking business so this is being allowed to resume where it left off which is off a cliff.  Remember the roadrunner and the coyote?  Every week, the coyote would fall off the same cliff, over and over.  He had all sorts of Acme devices to prevent this and they never worked right.  Never stopped it from going on and on and on. Continue reading


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Ireland And US Will Be Devoured By Derivatives Beast

ΩΩThe banking mess in the West continues.  It has rather deep roots.  That is, we decapitalized our own banking system long, long ago.  The fix for this was to create a fake banking system with virtually no real capital reserves at all.  This was possible thanks to the floating fiat currency created when Nixon suddenly cut the gold standard back in 1971.  By 1987, the banking collapse was tremendous during a deflationary time that followed a hyperinflation era.  This fix created conditions that caused the near-total collapse in Western banking. Continue reading


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