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US And EU Rich Leaders Still Want Paris Climate Agreement Designed To Make It Much Colder

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First, harsh reality: the vast majority of people who have a choice want to live where it is much warmer and specifically where there is oceans nearby that are supposed to drown everyone during the Global Warming Period that ended recently.  Even the Bilderberg ruler who owns the New York Times admits people are moving in greatest numbers to these very places the NYT claims will be destroyed by super hot weather and oceans rising:  The Giant Retirement Community That Explains Where Americans Are Moving – NYTimes.com



Add this all up, and what do the latest census population numbers tell us?

These longstanding, pre-crisis patterns for how Americans migrate exist for a reason: People want a combination of good weather, affordable housing and good job opportunities. And if a place combines those factors, people will come.


Nothing is more despicable to me than watching people whine about how hot and dry a desert is after they move there.  Duh.  California’s tiny drought has brought out Apocalyptic fears when this is one of the shortest, not longest droughts in the last 2,000 years since the Roman Warm Period.  Florida remains the happy home destination of huge numbers of retirees who want ‘GOOD weather’ which means hot weather.  And they go to Florida for the beaches and they know that Florida is barely above sea level and obviously this is no problem for them so why should I freeze to death and be forbidden the right to burn coal up here in the frigid north because of these guys???

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Apocalyptic California Global Warmists Continue To Scream At ‘Deniers’

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Deer and wild turkeys grazing on my fields this week.


Half of the US is warm and half has endured two Factory Cutbacks in February Held Back U.S. Growth due to severe cold, blizzards and other global cooling weather.  This super cold winter that assailed more than half of the North American continent has caused big economic problems.


The eastern U.S. saw below-normal temperatures from Atlanta to New York in February and record snowfalls in New England. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s data showed February was the snowiest month on record for Boston, while Chicago, Buffalo and Cleveland had their coldest February on record.

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NOAA Insists That Warm Arctic Means Warm Northeast Instead, Cold Moving South Which Is Very Dangerous



Warming Winters: U.S. Temperature Trends towards warmer winters!  Especially the eastern half of North America is supposed to be getting much warmer in winter compared to 1978.  Then we had two winters back to back that were even colder than 1978 which was the coldest year of the previous cold cycle.  Here is a paragraph from the quasi-government website run by young alarmists screaming about how hot the earth is today:  Extreme Weather and Climate Change: The Northeast | Climate Central


The bottom line answer is yes: Heat waves are longer and hotter than they used to be (in the Northeast) and some regions are suffering from catastrophic drought. Heavy rains are more frequent and can be more intense and rainfall records have been smashed. These events fit a pattern that climate scientists have long expected to appear as the result of increased greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. That doesn’t mean global warming is the only culprit: extreme weather was happening before global warming began. But there’s general scientific agreement that global warming has contributed to a trend toward more intense extremes of heat and precipitation around the world, is partly to blame for specific extreme weather events over the last decade and will continue to influence both in the future.

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NOAA Ordered To NOT Use Ocean Cycles Or Sunspot Data To Make Forecasts

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The top picture is the present ‘el Nino’ which is mainly a warm spot offshore British Columbia.  Note how the ocean is very cold around Antarctica.  The bottom picture shows a classic real el Nino which is exactly on the equator offshore South America.  Note the cold ocean offshore on the top map from today’s forecast.


For the last decade I have been horrified at the awful prediction quality of NOAA’s forecasts.  They stink.  Hugely, badly stink.  They monotonously claim for the next year the Northeast will be warmer than usual during all seasons.  This is nearly always wrong.  Now I learned today this awful inability to predict the future is due entirely to orders from above to not include any research into data that contravenes global warming dogma!  It was the guys at the top of the pyramid who ordered the poor guys at the bottom to issue these embarrassing predictions.

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Google Changing Science Rankings To Bury Climate Realists Via Calling Anyone Disputing Global Warming To Be Liars And Fakers

Despite being thoroughly debunked from day one, the stupid ‘study’ that claimed after polling a couple of people, that ‘97% of climatologists believe in global warming’, the liberals have been yelling this daily for over two years now.  ‘The science is certain’ is another favorite lie liberals have embraced with brio.  ‘There is NO DEBATE’ is their Stalinist war cry. ‘It is a SETTLED SCIENCE’ is another lie they bellow daily.  And now we learn that Google is going to war against ‘denialists’ by denying them any voice at all by burying their news under a pile of sh*t pumped out by anti-science liberals who are in deep denial of science facts as they push their miserable beliefs as hard as possible so that they can eliminate first world economic systems and replace it with their Tiny Homes/no heat/no meat/no modern transportation culture which their leaders like Al Gore are totally against…for themselves.


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DC Cherry Blossoms Will Be Super Late Due To Global Cooling

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Here is my home buried in snow that goes up over 4 feet with snow drifts up to 7 feet.  We just had yet another ice/snow storm and I have literally run out of places to push the snow and have to shovel off the roof now due to the ice and weight.  This is true throughout the Northeast this winter and spring is around the corner and the global warmists are screaming nonstop that we are going to roast to death, even with huge proof this isn’t our fate.

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More Science Studies Notice The Obvious: The Sun Is the #1 Driver Of Climate


Over 100 years ago astronomers discovered a very elegant and simple way to predict climate changes: sun spot activity.  This worked perfectly until recent years when the climatologists all clamoring for more money, came up with all sorts of things to look at to ‘predict the weather’ and then have done a totally wretched job at this prognostication business.  Now, NOAA and NASA are utterly incapable of predicting future climate conditions.  There is an army of ‘researchers’ who have made fun of the sun spot business and who are in denial that this simple system works perfectly.

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