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Female Student Debts Killing Marriage, Families…Facts Feminists Famously Ignore

Student debts which are mainly female ‘woke’ students, is destroying marriages.  These sad, unfortunate females all pile into colleges, go very deep into debt and come out socially crippled and deep in debt and have to be wage slaves for the rest of their miserable lives, trying to pay off these unescapable debts.  Also, the NATO invasion of Syria is collapsing, Trump is leaving, the SJW gang and the Bilderberg gang are screaming bloody murder and Trump shows his powers yet again.  Time to defend our own borders!

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Global Warming Fanatics, Martin And Bernice Hartley, Twitter About Freezing In Blizzard At North Pole

Global Warming north pole complain about ice, storms April 26 2014

These are two of today’s tweets from the twits at the top of the globe who went there to prove global warming is hideous and nasty and there will be no more ice at the North Pole if we don’t stop being naughty people.  Note the blizzard, the cold, the ice!  She (the lady camping there to prove polar bears love to eat humans) even has the cheek to complain about the blizzard being annoying!  Well, we have been hearing cries about global warming for years while Mother Nature refuses to cooperate with them and has been blowing cold instead of hot.  Even now, with death staring in the global warmist’s face, she cannot see reality.

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‘Real Climate’ Blog Virtually Never Mentions Blizzards When Talking About ‘Extreme Weather’

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 6.56.41 AM

RealClimate: blizzards: I did a search for any mention of blizzards at this ‘science’ site that is supposed to tell us the truth about something as obvious as the weather.  As we see, there is only one reference to the word ‘blizzard’ in the last year and it was in September when this site was trying to explain away global cooling with this story: RealClimate: What ocean heating reveals about global warming.

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Kerry Announces Global WARMING Will Be #1 Priority Of All Ambassadors

pulling snow off of roof after Valentine's day blizzard

Here is a picture of me dressed to the nines, yanking snow and ice off of my roof while standing in the snow, most of the plowed snow around the house is now one story high except for here, at the front door where I removed the snow further away so it wouldn’t block everything.  I can walk to the garage roof from the snowbanks that surround the other walls.  It is going to be below zero yet again tonight.  And people are dying all over the northern hemisphere due to this very severe winter.  But don’t worry!  It is hot in some places so they assure us the overall temperature is ‘near normal’…IF you live in say, Arizona, not all the snow belt states!

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California Dreaming: Droughts Plague Southern Desert State, Obama Wants More Water, More Immigrants

Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 9.25.44 AM

Obama is in California to hand out many millions of dollars because California is dry.  Simultaneously, he wants to legalize all immigrants there, too.  California’s woes are deep and many and the last thing it needs is more water projects and more people:  California’s Population (PPIC Publication): 10 million are immigrants making up nearly 30% of the population mainly from Mexico and Southeast Asia.  18 million live in the LA basin area which is very much a desert region with mountains that have dry climate scrub type pine trees.  By 2020, thanks to wild immigration which the Democrats support, California, already the most populated state, will have 42-48 million people.  To understand this, Texas today has only 25 million while California has 38 million.

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Another Blizzard Today, Global Warmists And Bilderberg Gang Have Obama Talk About California

Skeptical Science one of the dumber science sites on the web


For the last several years I have warned the liberal community about their wild goose chase after CO2.  Turning this into an End of Times issue has decapitated all other issues. The decision to back nuclear power continues to be their solution to this problem even in the teeth of Fukushima and I would suggest the lack of anger and fear of the ongoing horror show in Japan is tied to the global warming insanity.  Then the climate changed to Ice Age conditions and instead of saving us, these global warmists want us to freeze to death.  So coverage of this terrible climate change has been flaccid or full of lies in order to keep the faith of these people.

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More Blizzards, Below Zero Weather: German ‘Climatologists’ Claim New El Nino, ‘Super Hot Summer’

la Nina strengthens February 2014

NOAA El Niño: Research, Forecasts and Observations:Definitely a la Nina, indeed, it looks like it is strengthening, not diminishing.  And the white North Pole ice is pretty dominant, too.  Every day as severe cold grips the vast majority of the North American continent, the fake climatologists issue one warning about us all roasting to death after another the latest being this gem:  Could 2014 be the hottest on record? El Niño phenomenon could spew out massive amounts of heat this year.  German global warmist climatologists claim they can predict when el Ninos happen.  HAHAHA.  So far, the predictive ability of these people stink, big time!  Doesn’t stop them from doing more of the same.  They have been claiming this persistent la Nina event will go away soon.  Any day now!

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