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Moving Embassy To Jerusalem Triggers Muslim Rage (Everything Does This)

Religious wars are quite common for humans.  These erupt regularly.  Generally speaking, they tend to be extremely prone to annihilation attempts since this is a great way to take over all systems which is why all religions, getting permission from ‘gods’ love to kill and maim and rape: it is fun.  Ideological systems on the other hand, kill a billion humans trying to convince them that being mentally enslaved is good for themselves which is why communism is so deadly: it doesn’t give a damn how many people die when imposing economic rules that are utterly insane.  The key element in humans is, we are the crazy apes.  This is what has driven our rather violent and compared to other animals, swift genetic evolution.

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The Very Rich Always Destroy Themselves: The Cave of Wealth And Death

CAVE OF WEALTH AND DEATH PART 1 | Culture of Life News


YouTube – Cave of Wealth and Death Part 1


From the very earliest civilizations, before the very first cities, humans connected dark caves with wealth.  They also connected wealth with death.  The Greek god, Pluto, is the god of wealth and death, just for example.  All mythological forces which humans used for thousands of years to understand the world of our species and the universe, are part of our brains.  We can’t escape this legacy.  We can only hope to understand it. Let’s look inside this mythological cave:

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