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Congress Wants To End Derivative Market Regulations So New Bubble Can Happen

The US is in trouble due to wild military spending on crazy global adventures while non-socialized medical care causing our medical system to cost more per capita than any of the other first world nations.  All of this is on top of the world’s greatest trade deficits which have caused trillions in lost US sovereign wealth.  We now have budget cutting that is unfair and destructive while at the same time, the rich can weasel out of many taxes while at the same time reaping bigger and bigger rewards for being the top dogs.  So the rich get richer and the poor are tossed out.   Continue reading


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New York Retired Police Want To Have Guns That Shoot Many Bullets Rapidly


I am a gun owner who actually hunts and kills critters with these guns.  They are not toys.  They are not used to menace people.  But they do kill animals and are quite dangerous.  Handling guns safely is just like learning how to handle explosives and I have used explosives in the past.  Lots of caution has to be used plus one can’t be prey to wild emotional outbursts nor can psychopaths who love killing things for perverted reasons, be allowed access to firearms.  We see a lot of psychopathic behavior in recent days now that the majority of Americans want some sort of gun registry and control over using high-ammo clips.

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GOP North/South Split Widens, Hurricane Sandy Aid Passes House


GOP splits over hurricane aid



The Crack of doom yawns wider and wider as the Northeastern GOP  representatives, fearing losing office, break with the mostly-Southern/rural/Western GOP to vote with the hated liberal Democratic Party to give aid and comfort to the many millions of Hurricane Sandy victims.  The attempt by the GOP to strand these citizens in distress and then blame it on Obama has failed miserably. Continue reading


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Madoff Brother Loses Nearly Everything Before Going To Prison

Madoff maid lived in room size of master bathroom


Yet another Madoff is going to prison.  The Ponzi Brothers have continued to be dismayed at the repercussions of their crimes because, quite frankly, they thought they were being honest even though they lied, hid things and in general, ran their investment house like a crack house.  Now, the Feds are stripping them of virtually everything to the astonishment of the criminals involved. Continue reading


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Congress Quietly Tries To Cut Corporate Taxes Even More

Every time Congress talks about the tax code, the money bag men flood Congress with bribes and they always end up cutting taxes on things the rich want cut.  Every time Congress meddled with taxes, they made the deficit worse and worse.  The US public is told by our media, cutting taxes on the very rich and their corporate entities will make us all richer.  Instead, it has made us all much, much poorer.  It also has led to the US being stripped of much of our sovereign wealth. Continue reading


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Rich Zionists Attack US Voters For Not Supporting Ethnic Cleansing, No Taxes On Wealth


Goldman Sach’ Jewish President demands Social Security cuts.


Digging their hole ever deeper, Zionists in Israel who get lots of money from rich Jews using the US as their home base, are angry with US voters keeping Obama in the White House.  They also are plotting to yank away our Social Security and other social programs so they can have even more money.  The alliance of rich Jews in America with right wing Republican Christians who were bailed out by our Federal Reserve when they crashed our economic system is aimed at eliminating the very same social systems Israel is so generous with at home.  The frontal attack on the very basis of our society by greedy men (and women) while forcing us to pay a huge hunk of Israel’s military and social overhead costs is most disturbing.  They don’t intend to stop unless we stop them. Continue reading


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Bank Of England Says Downturn Will Be Identical To Victorian ‘Long Depression’

BBC show making fun of ‘Wife Swap’, showing how Victorian workers lived with humor, of course.

Long ago, I pointed out an obvious historical fact about bubbles: they always destroy social systems and bankrupt entire nations, they take twice as long to recover from the bubble as it took to grow in the first place and thirdly, the main reason why bubbles are so very destructive is because people love bubbles and do everything possible to restore the status quo of an infinity bubble rather than to balance things and make they operate on a sustainable, sane level.  We see this yet again, as history runs in circles like a dog chasing its own tail. Continue reading


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