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Infowars Infiltrates Google Venice Beach Building, A Creepy Place With Giant Spy Glasses!

BANNED! Red Elephants & Millie Weaver Confront Google Over Censorship – YouTube


I didn’t know that the Google headquarter building in lovely Venice Beach, CA, where years ago, a crazy man shot at me six times…hehehe…they have a big office there with modern architecture including a huge car entrance shaped like spy binoculars!  Wow.  Well, Infowars decided to question staff there as they came and went and no one would talk, they stare straight ahead and march to their PC Places of Work to fix the planet via being creeps and censoring people and other fun stuff beloved of all communist dictators.

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Evil Google Declares War On Patreon Clients Using You Tube

Best way for artists and creators to get sustainable income and connect with fans | Patreon


THANK YOU SHAWNTOH. for this news this morning!


Google, a California terrorist SJW operation, started out as this wonderful web service that became richer and richer and the creators of Google were asked to join the Bilderberg gang.  Ever since a series of meetings this last two years especially in the last six months, the gang has instructed Google as to how to destroy the internet’s useful services and turn it into a clone of Pravda in 1984.  Google is now pure evil.  The latest attack Google’s gang is inflicting on users is to defund Patreon which is a new, alternative system for us to monetize stuff online.

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Google Is Evil, BOYCOTT GOOGLE…Use Qwant or Duckduckgo!

De-Google-ify Yourself – YouTube


Black Pigeon Speaks has discovered a fine web search engine which I tested out and it is WONDERFUL.  Google has virtually eliminated my website now.  When I test it, and I test is every few months for the last several years, I used to get great results 4 years ago…the entire opening page would have only my site as a repeated result showing lots of past information.  Then it deteriorated.  Soon, it only showed a few pages of my blog and then only ONE page!  Then, this week, it shows nothing, just the generic home page, not the specific item I log on.  This is deliberate vandalism by the pirate crew who Google has hired.  BOYCOTT GOOGLE!  Use this site now:  Qwant Web – The search engine that respects your privacy

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