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DNC Demand For More GOP Sex Scandals Boomerangs On DNC Sex Fiend Supporters



Actor Tom Sizemore ‘was removed from the set of Born Killers for allegedly violating an 11-year-old girl during a photoshoot’| Daily Mail Online reported today.  There are many ‘call the ethics’ inside the Hollywood/DNC/GOP/media machine that rules the masses and produces gushes of entertainment and election controls.  I personally knew a number of famous Hollywood people when I was young and ‘sexy’ and sisters of mine worked in Hollywood and all of us knew all about ‘sex’ when we were very young, I being raped at 5 years of age but all of us were part of the ‘sex revolution’ of the sixties, especially me, I gave speeches in public on the subject of ‘free love’ when I was under the age of 17!  Well, all this is now exploding in everyone’s face and why?  Because they wanted to destroy Trump and prayed to the goddesses at the Gates of Death for scandals to howl about and…like all wishes, these come with curses and the curse here is: all the wild sex will be revealed, EVERY ONE OF THESE.

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