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Trey Gowdy Relentlessly Goes After Comy In Hunt Of Red October Election Collusion Hysteria

Trey Gowdy In A MASSIVE takedown Of James Comey – YouTube


There is this very old fairytale rule: when an evil person is asked what punishment to give to some innocent person, they always choose ‘death by torture’ only to discover, they are sentencing themselves and then are punished!  Well, we are seeing this today: the DNC/GOP secret plan to collude in putting Trump out of office via falsely claiming he got money and help from Putin, has turned into a mess for Hillary and Obama who really DID take money from Putin and sell uranium to Russia, etc.  I hope they all go to prison.

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Trump And Gowdy Want To Stop Leakers, CNN CIA Mudd Reporter Threatens Gowdy

“The Day You Left Office Classified Information Appeared On The Front Page” Trey Gowdy’s Pissed – YouTube

Earlier today, I wrote this:

Yesterday, Gowdy grilled the operatives in our government about the issue of these constant illegal ‘leaks’ going to specifically the NYT and WP. The hold over official from the Obama gang stuttered and had to admit, this is all very illegal.

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