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What’s The Matter With Kansas: Race Politics Under Microscope

kansas city tactical squad

Kansas City SWAT rounds up criminals with warrants – YouTube

Liberals profess to being confused about Kansas being basically right wing Republican.  This is viewed on the left with distain and ill-concealed  hatred which is returned in similar kind by Republicans.  This is a great national divide and understanding how Kansas operates politically means looking at race and class statistics and we must ponder many issues that divide Americans.  The Immigrant Nation goes through various surges of distress due to floods of foreigners.  The social upheavals this cause are powerful.  The US cannot stand for long as a nation if we encourage and copy thug behavior, both the ghetto thug and the woman abusing biker ethos.  White and black youth are being marginalized and cut out of the workplace by foreign labor from Hispanic and Asian nations.

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Detroit Bankrupt: Obama Talks Only About Trayvon Being Himself

Only building left ground zero Detroit 1967 riot


The Detroit Riot of 1967: and here is the video of the photos in the link:  Detroit Riot- Then and Now – YouTube. The above picture is from the 12th Street ground zero for the riots.  There is only one building standing today and it is long abandoned.  Note the ad for the gangsta buddies.  And the graffiti painted over previous graffiti which the city used to erase stuff. Continue reading


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