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NASA Claims No One Can Predict Hurricane Season…NOAA Fails At This Prediction Business Too

The President of the US has declared war on warming.  Anything hinting at warmer weather is attacked ferociously with everyone yelling about California…since few places are warmer, this greatly limits the howls of rage.  The eastern Pacific Ocean is warmer than normal with an el Nino event happening which coincides with the solar cycle peak as per usual and yet look at the Atlantic Ocean: cold.  Quite cold.  Antarctica’s ice has been growing for the last half a decade and increasing greatly so the President and his gang are all over the news howling about one tiny section that is melting in winter when temperatures are below zero there.  Naturally, this minor melting from warm water at just one spot is blamed on ‘human caused global warming’ which is insane.

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Two Global Warmist Scientists Desperately Seeking Ice Melting In Greenland Die

Screen shot 2015-05-11 at 6.41.49 AM

Current Ice Conditions and Forecasts – Weather and Meteorology – Environment Canada showing the very slow ice melt this spring, Hudson Bay, the key area showing Ice Age conditions, is still virtually totally frozen and ice that gripped the entire west coast of Greenland has only lost its grip on the southern half of the continent.  Finally, the Great Lakes have melted thanks to a week of very warm weather but a cold front is coming and there are blizzards across the Great Plains.  Meanwhile, the liberal media is raising yet another global warming storm blaming the deaths of two rather silly ‘scientists’ who went to Greenland to study how it is ‘melting’ have died and naturally, their foolish deaths are blamed on ‘global warming’ not the extreme cold of the last two winters.

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US And EU Rich Leaders Still Want Paris Climate Agreement Designed To Make It Much Colder

Screen shot 2015-03-30 at 8.50.53 AM

First, harsh reality: the vast majority of people who have a choice want to live where it is much warmer and specifically where there is oceans nearby that are supposed to drown everyone during the Global Warming Period that ended recently.  Even the Bilderberg ruler who owns the New York Times admits people are moving in greatest numbers to these very places the NYT claims will be destroyed by super hot weather and oceans rising:  The Giant Retirement Community That Explains Where Americans Are Moving – NYTimes.com



Add this all up, and what do the latest census population numbers tell us?

These longstanding, pre-crisis patterns for how Americans migrate exist for a reason: People want a combination of good weather, affordable housing and good job opportunities. And if a place combines those factors, people will come.


Nothing is more despicable to me than watching people whine about how hot and dry a desert is after they move there.  Duh.  California’s tiny drought has brought out Apocalyptic fears when this is one of the shortest, not longest droughts in the last 2,000 years since the Roman Warm Period.  Florida remains the happy home destination of huge numbers of retirees who want ‘GOOD weather’ which means hot weather.  And they go to Florida for the beaches and they know that Florida is barely above sea level and obviously this is no problem for them so why should I freeze to death and be forbidden the right to burn coal up here in the frigid north because of these guys???

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Spain Colder Than London

spain colder than london



When the Medieval Warm Cycle ended, literature was full of complaints about storms, unusual weather, high seas slamming into the continental edges and other hazards.  Big storms are a feature of global cooling once this sets in as it seems to be this time around.  Global warmists want to make all big storms the fault of CO2 and not changes in the sun. Continue reading


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Earth Was 8F Higher In Previous Interglacial Cycles, Greenland, Antarctica Nearly Ice Free

Julie Brigham-Grette presents Lake El’ gygytgyn Research – YouTube

marine core data shows earth getting colder and colder

Elgygytgyn Lake is in Siberia near the Arctic Ocean and Alaska.  It is an impact crater that has never frozen during Ice Ages because the Ice Age glacier cover is VERY uneven just as super cold wave vortex events are very uneven though these follow a rigid, set pattern covering the same areas with glaciers every Ice Age.  We see clearly from the above charts showing pollen levels that not only are the Ice Age/Interglaical events more violently opposite of each other, that this has been a gradual cooling off process with the highs getting slightly lower each cycle but the lows getting much, much colder each cycle.

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Greenland Did NOT Glaciate As Much As North America; Global Warmists Hold Hearings In DC During Blizzard

heavy snow Berlin NY Valentine's day 2014


Still snowing on my mountain this dawn.  National Weather Service: 100M Americans under winter storm warnings: we are absolutely buried in snow this dawn.  Note the string of big storms over the Pacific Ocean heading towards the West Coast.  The balmy winter there is going to be a lot wetter.  The recent spate of east coast storms formed over deep Dixie, not Canada, and then roared northwards covering much of the South in snow yet again.  You can’t have snow in Alabama unless it is very cold, not warm.  The global warming crew is in full retreat and has gotten quite nasty about the entire business as we see below.

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