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My Home, Berlin NY, 7 Degree F Nights In November: NOAA Predicts Warm Winter In Midst of Blizzards In Southwest

NOAA thinks winter will be hot


I have been frantically chopping and stacking six cords of firewood in anticipation of a cold, cruel winter.  The false stories that winter would vanish irritate me because my beloved weather service forecasts have grown increasingly useless over the years thanks to the global warming indoctrination.  Yes, it may be -40 below rather than -55 below in Antarctica but it is still hugely below freezing there and it isn’t often much warmer here up in North America’s glacier Ice Age belt.  This week brings single digit weather tonight and it isn’t even Thanksgiving.  If the Puritans waited until this week to have their famous dinner with the natives, they would have turned into blocks of ice long before the turkey was cooked.

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NYT Refuses To Report Israel Spy Info From NSA Story—Thinks It Is Boring And Unimportant

The NYT and WP both have more than one top reporter stationed in Israel, more than any country outside of Britain.  Over the years, I have noted story after story being censored by the editors and owners of these papers, stories I know their reporters are aware of due to these being published by the Jerusalem Post, for example.  The latest attempt at misleading Americans about Jewish Israeli crimes and intrusions is the explosive story that the NSA directly feeds all the data collected illegally to Israel.  Uncensored, in full, the Jews get access to every email, all our credit data, business phone calls, everything.  Which they then exploit to the full…this is TREASON and therefore, the NYT says, ‘Totally irrelevant, not big news.’ Continue reading


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