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Blizzards In Rocky Mountains: History Of El Ninos Shows Increasing Cooling Since Medieval Warm Period

may 12 2014 snow storms unusual cold hammer western US

Snow, severe storms barge into West, central USA as winter continues to hold an iron grip on huge parts of the North America continent.  Here, where I live, it finally warmed up some and all the trees that normally leaf out one after the other are doing it very swiftly, simultaneously due to the very delayed spring. And the cold fronts push warm air and concentrate this right next to the front so we see high winds and  the Texas panhandle wildfire 75% contained due to dry grass left over from last fall.  It is snowing in the Rockies, big time.

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Global Warmists Try To Fix Detroit In Very Silly Ways As City Dies

Tungurahua volcano: Spectacular pictures capture eruption in Ecuador

The cold spring has warmed up some bit in the northern half of North America.  A volcano, Tungurahua, in Ecuador, activated by the huge quakes this last year on the west coast of South America, erupted a third time this year and the fine ash and gases are already affecting the atmosphere and thus, cooling the earth.   Meanwhile, in America, Detroit continues to die and liberals profess to not understand why which is odd since it was caused by free trade and anti-union southern laws that cheapened labor.

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Blizzard Or Extreme Cold Hammer Half North American Continent

#spiritofmawson twitter page

Above photo from the Twitter of the expedition global warming guy – #spiritofmawson

Antarctic helicopter rescue mission a success | World news | theguardian.com: three huge diesel burning ice breakers and a repeat helicopter rescue later, this tiny group of eco-tourists out to see how the Antarctic is melting were finally rescued.  The Guardian has reporters aboard this tub that got stuck in the ice in summer and at their website, about 40% of all the comments are being censored by the editors due to people laughing at the reporters.

This censorship is hilarious because all the comments around these censored posts let me know that the reason for censorship is not due to dirty language or name calling.  It is due to embarrassment as readers demand to know the gargantuan size of the carbon footprint of these wayward adventurers who have yet to apologize for making their beloved global warming much much worse.

As a huge blizzard and blisteringly cold weather hammers the northern half of the US, we got this warning:  Planet likely to warm by 4C by 2100, scientists warn | Environment | The Guardian which is on this jihad about how we are roasting to death.  England is going to get our wonderful weather in a few days so I suppose they will all be out in bikinis, sipping margaritas in a week.

The hysteria about being too hot has risen to a scream.  The US President and Romney both fled the heat to Hawaii because I suppose DC and Utah are too hot for them both.  So they are having fun in the sun while we freeze to death.  Note to self: don’t take vacations in Wisconsin in winter.

In the icy grip of fear that global warming is claptrap | thetelegraph.com.au:

His University of NSW colleagues entertain not the slightest doubt. Even as Turney remained stuck fast in that unexpected ice, they were issuing yet another dire warning – this time that global temperatures are set to rise by 4C, rather than the previously advised 2C.

“We’ve been hoping for the best and not planning for the worst. Now it’s looking like the best is not very likely,” Professor Steven Sherwood said.

It certainly has not been the best result for Turney, whose ship hit the ice on Christmas Eve and hasn’t moved since, except to list quite a few uncomfortable degrees to one side. As three icebreakers struggled and failed to reach it, the expedition’s “scientific” output has amounted to little more than tweets that – Surprise! Surprise! – Antarctica can get really, really cold.


January prediction hot US from NOAA

NOAA revised their year’s prediction grossly two weeks ago to this above map.  They still have it incorrect, of course.  They thought some slight bump of very cold air would reach Montana not Massachusetts.  The rest of the northern half would be ‘normal’.  Then less than a week later, super cold air poured in and this is what the real map looks like:

Half of US extremely cold january 2014

So, all the way into Mexico it is below normal temperatures.  The fall below normal is -30 degrees or more in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, half of Canada, New York, Indiana, Michigan, both Dakotas and Ohio.  Warmer than normal covers Montana, the very spot NOAA said would be below normal.


Perchance this might happen in some future week this month but the gross failure of the prediction should cause NOAA to cease making these maps or to review their incoming data which seems utterly at odds with reality.  Just a month ago they confidently predicted the ENTIRE winter would be much warmer than usual where I live specifically and ‘normal’ for the entire north with ZERO colder than usual regions anywhere.


Meanwhile, during the fall, in a pure panic at points, I worked very hard to cut and chop up a mountain of firewood because all the natural signs I use to predict the weather pointed towards a very, very nasty winter.  That is, migratory birds, bug behavior, the color of leaves in the fall, the appearance of the sky when the wind blows from the north (looking at fine particulate matter) etc.


I was right, NOAA was wrong.  Big time.  Way wrong.  By predicting a totally warm winter all winter, they went way out on a limb and I think the staff should be fired.  They need better scientists not ideologues who use faith in erroneous computer programs.  The biggest item I used to predict the winter was sun spot/solar wind activity.


There was a lot of solar wind and very few sun spots considering that this is the apex of the solar sun spot cycle.  This alarming development was totally ignored by NOAA and there is no excuse for this.  By deliberately leaving out ANY data from sun spot/solar wind levels, they cooked up a ridiculous series of predictions.


NYT has blizzard 2014 as tiny news story


At the darling New York Times, the big blizzard/severe cold is a tiny news story below a dozen other stories like the ‘prostitutes in China’ headline story.  And the rescue of the global warming goofballs is headlined above the severe blizzard story.  The NYT is supposed to alert readers to important incoming data to protect or save them first, then all the fluff should show up.


People die in blizzards which are extremely dangerous storms.  This dire fact has been studiously increasingly ignored by the people who own these media outfits who have jumped aboard the CO2 derivative/carbon trade train to get rich while producing exactly nothing.  I noted years ago that this was viewed by themselves as a wonderful game and Al Gore and others even triumphantly said this scheme would make them super rich.


Complex Effort for Antarctic Rescue – NYTimes.com is a very stupid article that makes zero mention of the gigantic carbon footprint of this rescue.  This should be topic#1 with the global warming fear mongers. They seem bent on freezing to death the poor and disabled living in the Ice Age zones, that is, parts of the planet that were buried under deep glaciers in the recent past—12,000 years isn’t that long ago in geological terms.


These poor victims of global warming scams are being forced to pay higher and higher CO2 taxes which the rich carbon traders are ordering to be shipped off to hot places with tropical paradise listings.  That is, the fun in the sun places the very rich love to own or visit.


There isn’t a word of kindness towards the shivering cold northern populations being devastated by CO2 taxes.  No suggestion as to how to keep us warm.  No help of any sort as governments cut spending on social services while gloating about the rise in taxes that can’t be seen by the poor since it is buried inside the overhead costs of many things they need to survive.  It is a HIDDEN TAX which is why the Bilderberg gang was so happy to figure this scheme out.


I warned the environmentalists about this tax scheme and how it would kill public support for ‘green’ solutions.  And as I predicted, this is exactly what is happening.  These stupid hidden taxes are no longer hidden from view and an increasingly angry public is getting restive.


The many publications owned by CO2 carbon traders have decided across the board to censor any comments about the weather because they are very fearful that readers will learn they are not alone in being very angry about the CO2 trader plot to lie about something as basic as the weather.


I left a comment at the NYT site and hope it isn’t censored.  This is a test.  Normally, the Times prints my letters.  This is one cover-up doomed to failure.  The Guardian and BBC have censored readers very, very heavily due to ideological global warming beliefs.

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Lavabit Publishes Government Secret Order To Spy On Snowden, Site Shuts Down

The Lavabit news is huge inside the online community.  I have been on the internet since conception back when it was a NASA/Pentagon operation connecting various physics and astronomy and other departments.  From day one, the government was most anxious to spy on the scientists many of whom were quite naive about this.  I always assumed the government is spying on me online.  Not the slightest doubt.  But the libertarians who are the core of the internet systems and computer world figured out ways to evade government eyeballs and thus, the alternative web which was secretive, flourished.


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Pirate Party Claims Snowden In Norway Going To Iceland




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Right Wing Intelligence (sic) Czar Clapper Tells ‘Least Untruthful’ Testimony In Congress

The Bilderberg meeting in England ends.  The US media works day and night to hide that meeting and to vilify anyone who dares reveal the noxious spy systems set up to collect all our data all the time and store it for later use.  And Congress is complicit in all this as are several Presidents past and present.  and Clapper double talks about spying on us which reminds me of Watergate.

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