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DiBlasio Mayor NYC Stops Gun Searches, Blacks Now Run Riot, Shootings Shoot Upwards

Patriotic American construction workers



Here is a fine example of the working class in my neighborhood.  Note the American flags in the helmet of the black steel worker, most of his coworkers also had these flags.  Also on the bridge they are building is the sign put up protesting NY gun laws.  These draconian laws were passed to stop the shootings in the cities but the shooters in the cities use illegal hand guns.  There is high feelings against the gun laws while at the same time, DiBlasio decided it was racist to search for guns hidden on black thugs so no one is stopped for gun searches anymore with the obvious painful results.

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Der Zimmerman News: Flash! Wife Lied About Gun And Other Things, Charges Dropped, Black Commentators Go Nuts Again

Back to Der Zimmerman: the media can’t let go.  He and his wife got in a spat and then she claimed he had a gun and was violent but then the police found no gun and she decided she had exaggerated things a tad and charges were then dropped but NOT THE STORY!

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Whidbey Island Homes Slide Into Sea, NYC Banksters Whine About Penthouse Views

The recent landslide in Washington State where a whole community of houses are now being rendered unlivable reminds us about risk and the desire to live dangerously. That is, no one has any insurance for a collapse of the landmass which their houses sit on with a spectacular view of the restless ocean.  There is more news about the super rich bankers we all bailed out, whining about their fines they had to pay for their rip off scams, while whining about the view from their multi million dollar penthouses.  We should dump them into the sea! Continue reading


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