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H7N9 Virus And Measles: Main Defense For Both Is Vaccinations

I had a SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) event last winter which was very scary.  I couldn’t breathe!  When I was in the hospital, they gave me oxygen and some vapor medication and I couldn’t suck that down.  Instead, I coughed even worse for the first 10 minutes.  The H7N9 virus is like the coronavirus that attacked me last winter.  It kills mainly via the SARS.  There was no vaccination for the coronavirus last winter but in a great hurry, scientists are trying to make a vaccination available to deal with this new, dangerous menace. Continue reading


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US Admits It Is Pushing North Korea Into War

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This headline is quite amusing.  The US is basically admitting that the drive towards war has been fueled by the US and hidden behind the US, Japan.  Both South Korea and China are not spooked by North Korea.  I noted earlier that headlines have focused on nearly anything else but North Korea in China and Japan, for example.  The US fear-mongering has also fallen flat in the US as has the warmongering against Syria.  Americans are angry about the government spending cuts and in no mood to go to war across the planet for no good reason. Continue reading


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