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SF Liberal ‘Salon’ Online Site Will Now Hack Computers Of Visitors To their Websites


Salon is mining cryptocurrency via the web browser of any reader who refuses to turn off their adblocker.  Basically, Salon will hijack your computer if you block their ads and will hand this over to hackers who hijack computers to ‘create cryptocoins’ which is basically doubling down on this criminal activity.  They could simply make their site private.  It would help a great deal since their editorial positions are insane, dangerous or stupid.  It often is obscene and pushes for forcing children to have sex with older adults, for example.

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Rense.com Has Been Eliminated Except On You Tube

Here are two You Tube videos of this particular person.  Rense runs a website which I do use that is simply links to international and national stories some of which are not reliable but many are quite reliable, it takes some discernment to see what is real and what is crazy.  But now it has been probably hacked or taken down deliberately by NWO people.  I don’t know yet.

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Another Day Another Lie: US Rulers Claim Putin Ordered Campaign of Leaks and PROPAGANDA!!!


All the US mainstream media continues their nonstop attacks on Putin and Trump despite zero proof of any allegations.  This insane effort to undo the election should have died yesterday but no, they persist.  The ‘proof’ according to the NYT is that ‘Mr. Putin developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump.’  Well, duh!  Hillary was threatening to start WWIII with a sneak nuclear attack because according to her, ‘Putin bugged me and took data from my ILLEGAL computers!’  The Washington Post:

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Russia Hacking Stories Fall Flat, Hackers Take Down Bilderberg Site



From the British press:  The US media went nuts about ‘Russia hacking nuclear power plant’ but it really was some kid who hacked one laptop that wasn’t part of the system at all.  So much for harum scrum news!  This was being pushed hard in the US Fake News Media giants who lie so often, they should get better jobs as prostitutes for sucking you-know-what.

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Jewish Omerta: US Media Conspires With Sony Executives To Not Report Hacked Emails

Marlon Brando – Jews control Hollywood.flv – YouTube


In New York City, the Daily News notices the contents of the hacked Sony emails.  Virtually no Jewish-owned media is noticing this huge story.  But for some reason, the Daily News which is owned by Mortimer Zuckerman has actually carried some of these stories!  Hollywood big wigs have a long way to go on raceLeaked emails show award-winning black actors who may play slaves in movies are still slaves in the eyes of a few of the white racist moguls who runHollywood.

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CIA And Media Attack Snowden About His TEEN SEX!!! Whoo Hoo. Assange Laughs At This Latest Ploy


Blizzard of CIA secret Dirt on Snowden

As I fully expected, the spy agencies are working hand in glove with the Bilderberg media owners to smear Snowden.  His girlfriend was first cast as a ‘ballerina’ but now is a ‘pole dancer in a bar’ while Snowden is ‘attracted to nubile girls’ while other media Zionists are screeching that Glenn Greenwald is gay!  Wow!  Super duper sex time!  And pictures of Snowden when he was a teen are showing up and OMG, he…is a teenager in these pictures! Wow! Oh, the horrors!  My teen pictures were funny, too, and the FBI had fun taking the photos, I was a ‘free love hippie chick’ in the sixties so they took lots and lots of pictures.  HAHAHA.  And I loved it and wish they would post them online today so I can have a laugh but no…Snowden does get his photos published in the media which is hilarious and pathetic.  These clowns trying to drown out his charges about spying are desperate indeed. Continue reading


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Cat Out Of The Bag: Snowden Demolishes US Accusations China Spies On US While US Innocent Of Spying On China

Snowden tells Chinese CIA is spying on them with hackers

I really should say, the sh*t is hitting the fan, big time.  The US hacks here, there and everywhere while whining about hackers going after our computer systems.  Oh, my, oh, the horrors.  This is one of the stupidest diplomatic game whereby our leaders are rushing to other countries to complain about hackers while unleashing the dangerous Stuxnet computer worm which began attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities which then began floating around the internet attacking everything it could.  The stupid ‘secrets’ we have are no secrets, they are simply points we can deny when in public.  Now, these talking points are collapsing, one by one.  And note that Germany is probably being heavily hacked, too.

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