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Kiev CIA Coup Can’t Crush East Uprising: Troops Defect

The US media owners continue their endless ▶ Iron Butterfly – In A Gadda Da Vida drum banging for oil wars.  Forget the global warming garbage, what our rulers want is Russia, Venezuela and Iran’s oil profits!  The Ukraine Easter Egg is backfiring on our rulers because by attacking Russia’s oligarchs, this makes the country stronger, not weaker.  The US, which is run by vicious oligarchs, is being rapidly destroyed by them.  So Putin is stronger and our own government is weaker thanks to oligarchal powers.

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Ukraine’s Fake President, Yatseniuk, Is An ‘Economic Kamikaze’ Bombing The Workers

Ukraine PM says will stick to austerity despite Moscow pressure | Reuters: he calls himself a ‘kamikaze’ government which is true, he came flying in violently and destroyed an elected government!  The lovely Western Ukraine uprising is now blowing up in their faces.  The leaders of this uprising tried their hardest to start a major war and thus tap into a trillion US dollars but that is now flagging badly due to the reality that Russia’s gas is vital for Europe’s survival.

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Crimea Accused Of Unconstitutional Autonomy Vote—By Unconstitutional Coup In Kiev

The people of the autonomous region of Crimea have decided to have a vote about being ruled by a gang of upstarts who overthrew and elected President totally illegally.  So they want to probably sever themselves from the US/NATO regime.  This, in turn, is causing the European confederation to issue threats:  BBC News – Ukraine crisis: ‘Illegal’ Crimean referendum condemned

In press conferences after the talks, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy both said the Crimean referendum was contrary to the Ukrainian constitution and therefore illegal.

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Obama Meets Xi To Discuss US Schizophrenic Foreign Policies That Might Trigger WWIII

Miz liberty is going bankrupt

The Chinese have cleverly played the Bilderberg gang and the Council of Foreign Relations starting with Nixon who belonged to the later, not the former group.  But the foreign policy strong arm man for Nixon was Kissinger, a key Bilderberg/CFR participant.  These conspiratorial organizations gave birth to the EU which Germany and Britain’s citizens are increasingly upset about, losing significant sovereignty.  In the case of the US, citizens here no longer have any power over Congress or Presidents we elect and our media lies to us about all this due to the owners belonging to these same identical conspiratorial organizations, too!  The Chinese understood all of this early on, after coming out of their shell with the arrest of Madame Mao, they deliberately went all over the world seeking people to explain how things work and one person they went to for advice was me.  Trusting my father who had many intimate connections with Zhou Enlai, he said I could teach Chinese cadres about foreign trade and shipping.

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If Only A Senator Could Filibuster AIPAC Legislation!

Chuck Hagel makes AIPAC and Israel foreign minster very happy

Hagel to Barak: US Will Keep Up Aid to Israel Despite Fiscal Troubles: we know that the GOP in the House just voted with some key Democrats to fund the military at the expense of social programs for Americans.  AIPAC demanded this be done and to keep the military pork flowing and our troops and expensive equipment operational overseas, we will have a paramilitary state that doesn’t work for its citizens and this is just fine with our government which we can’t control once they are elected.  Bribes win, hands down. Continue reading


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Assassin Artist, John Brennan, To Head CIA

John Brennan murder wanted poster

Obama taps John Brennan to be next CIA director, White House officials say which is no surprise to me, this is the Assassination Nation and we are helpless while heavily armed assassins within our own society attack us mercilessly while we mercilessly assassinate people in distant lands.  The Central Intelligence Agency grew out of the ONI and the OSS after WWII.  My dad was very involved in all of this, incidentally:

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