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The Permanent Court Of Arbitration Tells Russia To Give Oligarch Looters $50 Billion For Yukos

Hague court orders Russia to pay $50 billion in Yukos case | Reuters: this hostile ruling will join all the other EU attempts at starting WWIII.  Yukos is the energy business which was basically a Yeltsin drunk looting expedition of Russia’s natural resources.  The EU court even admits this.  But still thinks all governments that take natural resource systems from outsiders (the Russian Mafioso types all moved to London before this happened) should pay them in full!  For returning what often, they shouldn’t have in the first place.

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Britain And Germany Agree To Economic Suicide To Hurt Russians

Russian bases (zero) versus NATO bases

Europe is suffering from a wide range of energy issues that are going to impact harder and harder as warmongering and global mongering rage out of control.  Once Russia ceases to sell energy to Europe, they will have a huge surge in inflation there due to the high cost of energy if it is brought in from more expensive sources.  And the entire issue of Russia being naughty is connected to the ongoing energy wars waged by NATO.  I feel the outsized rage about Russia being proactive is due to desires to control the Russian energy markets directly via military fiat by NATO just like Libya or attempts on Iran’s energy.

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Germans Pretend To Hate Putin To Please US Warmongers, UK Also Pretends While Planning To Not Fight Or Boycott


Screen shot 2014-03-04 at 7.06.00 AMAmericans are being told that the Crimea crisis is terrible and huge and gigantic and we are leading the ‘free world’ in fighting Putin.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  After reading a number of papers from Europe, it is obvious that no one in the EU top nations wants to wrestle with Putin.  At all.  They are happy to say propaganda things to keep the US happy but actions?  Nein!  Nichts!  Nothing.  The Der Spiegel English Online magazine, for example, has tons of propaganda for US readers.  It features a fake story about how Germany must play a ‘central role’.  But then look at the GERMAN edition auf deutsch:

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