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Trump Causes Sh!t To Explode: US Media Giants Want More 3rd World Immigration

CNN Goes Over the Edge – YouTube


Our DNC-run cities are being overrun by armies of aliens brought in by Obama and others because they become the voter base for the rich DNC Bilderberg gangsters who live far away from these people who vote for them.  I, on the other hand, had to deal with and evict these 3rd world people who left mountains of stinking messes behind.  And anyone visiting these countries can see mountains of garbage (this includes Mexico) as trash spreads across the planet from manufacturing countries to everyone else.  The worst part of the sh!t storm today is, more than one DNC President thought the DNC voters were sh!t, too, but this was kept out of the news.

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Overpopulation Rapidly Turning Philippine Islands Into Haiti

Typhoon that smashed houses to smithereens: Full horror of destruction in Philippines revealed as rescue workers says two thirds of dead are children | Mail Online: click on this Brit story to see many sad pictures.  Which immediately reminded me of Haiti.  The Philippines also recently had a major earthquake, too.  These one-two punches to countries where the majority of the people live in flimsy shanties or easily tumbled slums usually leads to social collapse and there is looting going on as survivors beg for food aid while others focus on stealing neat stuff to put in the remaining homes that survived these disasters.

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