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West Bank Palestinians Desperately Try To Stop Jews From Stealing Even More Land

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The evil expansionist Russians!  The terrible Putin…well, I read the Russian news to learn what on earth is going on because much of our news in Europe and America are heavily censored especially when it comes to Jewish crimes.  Here is today’s news: Protests flare as Israel rolls out tender to construct 283 W. Bank homes — RT News.  We are supposed to view the Russians as brutal, vicious killers who run bulldozers over people’s homes and run over little girls or shoot little girls who get too close to guard towers, etc.  Except this is all Jews doing this stuff!  And we are not allowed to know or talk about it.

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Shocking Video IDF Sniper Murders People Digging For Victims In Israeli-bombed Civilian Building

Cellphone Video Documents Israeli Sniper Executing Wounded Civilian In Gaza | The Millennium Report: rescue crews going into bombed civilian building to rescue victims of Israeli missiles are murdered by Jewish snipers.  In the video you can hear the continuous whine of assassin drones that pick off people aside from the shooters who are also assassins.


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Zionists Riot, Lynch And Murder West Bank Muslims While US Ignores Racism


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‘Hamas will pay’: Israel hits back after teens found dead: as per usual, the neo-nazi ideology that is the main engine of US foreign policy is leading us all towards an abyss of destruction as ethnic warfare rages thanks to the ideology first suggested by the first Zionist meeting in Russia over 100 years ago.  That is, attacking and killing natives is a good thing if invaders need to evict them from their homes so colonists can take over with the US and England being #1 violators of native sovereignty worldwide for the last 400 years.


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Hamas And Palestinian Authority Become One Party Again, Kerry And Netanyahu Blow Up Screaming In Rage

total nuclear warfare

Startling things are happening on the diplomatic front so of course, our media owners who are Bilderberg gang members or Zionists or corporate wealthy, are totally ignoring all this news.  They do publish it all…on the nether reaches of their papers, way back in the very far back so no one will be aware of this unless they are very fast, patient readers.  The news being buried is the news that our State Department used Jewish lies about Ukrainian Russians in both the photoshopped pictures and the fake leaflet.  Meanwhile, the news about Palestinians uniting is carefully concealed.


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