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Judge Kimba Wood, Attacking Trump And Hannity, Is A Soros/Clinton Tool

The Judge Who Forced Michael Cohen to Identify Sean Hannity Performed Soros Wedding – YouTube


Washington DC and New York media systems are all one big unhappy family.  This is one of the major nests of the Bilderberg gang which is now at war within as well as with the major outsider, Donald Trump.  I am very amused to watch all this freaking out by these media/political elites.  The female judge involved in greenlighting the ‘outing’ of Hannity (attack) is a close friend of that major troublemaker, George Soros.

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Must See: Fox News Hannity Editorial About The Steele/Hillary Conspiracy To Frame Trump

As world stock markets fall due to the USA, the main destination of all world trade as our own corporations move action overseas and then import as well as letting everyone on the planet do this, the fight begins.  The coup to overthrow Trump is in tatters now.  Crushing our own stock market is a dangerous move by the super rich but then, look at the NFL, destroying its own product to produce BLM propaganda!  They really don’t care if this hits them in the wallet at this point.  Well, Hannity of Fox News details the latest memo release that clearly shows the conspiracy of the FBI and the Department of Justice and of course, Hillary and Obama, to frame Trump and his team with false treason charges.

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Keurig Coffee Machine Boycott of Sean Hannity News Backfires, Boss Apologizes To Fox News

Sean Hannity Show – Fox News Alert Tonight 11/13/17 – YouTube


Consumer boycotts work.  This weekend, Media Matters muscled Keurig Coffee Machines to get them to remove all ads from Hannity’s news show.  This, in turn, sparked a huge backlash with customers smashing their machines, people refusing to buy these for Xmas and other actions that hurt the company instantly right in the middle of the busiest ‘buy our product’ time of year.  So today, the President of Keurig, seeing bankruptcy looming, has apologized and is again, funding the Hannity news service.  Boycotts work.

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Rutgers Coach Abuse Scandal Grows As More Creeps Are Fired

I lived in New Jersey for a number of years and had college students live with us.  The recent scandal over the homophobic, violent rants of the Rutgers basketball coach is in line with other ongoing scandals in the NCAA and high schools that reveal the sadism and sexual dysfunction at the top of ‘athletics’.  Bullies run riot in our schools when they are coaches and they tend to be conservatives as well as lying bastards. Continue reading


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