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Finally The Autoimmune Episode Seems To Be Ending

▶ Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disease (CVID) – Mystery Diagnosis – YouTube

Hooray!  I am finally off the pain killing regime that made it nearly impossible to type.  I did type a few sentences very painfully but it was difficult to do, made constant errors.  I am still feeling the drugs but it is going away and I make typos only every third word than every word.  I did a fair amount of research on autoimmune diseases when I first became sick last month.  Then I decided to watch some Mystery Diagnosis episodes.

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Whidbey Island Homes Slide Into Sea, NYC Banksters Whine About Penthouse Views

The recent landslide in Washington State where a whole community of houses are now being rendered unlivable reminds us about risk and the desire to live dangerously. That is, no one has any insurance for a collapse of the landmass which their houses sit on with a spectacular view of the restless ocean.  There is more news about the super rich bankers we all bailed out, whining about their fines they had to pay for their rip off scams, while whining about the view from their multi million dollar penthouses.  We should dump them into the sea! Continue reading


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