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Finally The Autoimmune Episode Seems To Be Ending

▶ Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disease (CVID) – Mystery Diagnosis – YouTube

Hooray!  I am finally off the pain killing regime that made it nearly impossible to type.  I did type a few sentences very painfully but it was difficult to do, made constant errors.  I am still feeling the drugs but it is going away and I make typos only every third word than every word.  I did a fair amount of research on autoimmune diseases when I first became sick last month.  Then I decided to watch some Mystery Diagnosis episodes.

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My Husband Is In The Hospital, May Need Heart Surgery

My husband had a heart attack yesterday and is now in the hospital. I still intend to post stories here but am also very busy taking care of this crisis. Luckily for us, we have insurance! The US Congress passed the Obamacare bill which was actually the Romneycare bill but this doesn’t stop Republicans from attacking this bill as a bad bill that is difficult for users seeking healthcare.


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H1N1 Virus Hits Young, Strong Very Hard, Killing Them

CDC flu 2014

CDC – Seasonal Influenza (Flu) – Weekly Report: Influenza Summary Update




flu 2014 worse in Southeast US

I haven’t posted lately due to an emergency with my own family.  One young member got very, very sick from the H1N1 swine flu which then deteriorated into full pneumonia and I had to go to the hospital emergency room to save him.  I was planning a ‘please, please get flu vaccinations!’ article when I got the phone call.  This flu is a very, very dangerous disease this year: it attacks healthy, young people and kills them!

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Democratic Corruption Prevents Real Healthcare Reforms

Over and over again, Congress tries to fix the scandal of many millions of Americans having no health care insurance.  Alone, of all the major nations on earth, the US refuses to have standards of healthcare and this shows up in statistics: our death rate is worse than any top 40 nations.  Usually, attempts at legislation leads to exactly one thing: tons of corruption as the ‘health industry’ floods Congress with bribes.  Congress, of course, has very excellent life-time insurance so they get to live to be old geezers. Continue reading


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