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Yes, The Bilderberg Nazis Will Arrest Marine Le Pen For Thought Crimes


Marine Le Pen could be jailed for three years for ‘distributing violent images’ over ISIS beheading tweets after losing her European parliament immunity.  This looming arrest will tear France apart, it will break up the European Union and maybe destroy NATO.  And about time, too.  I predict the police and military will protect her, not arrest and destroy her and I explain why this Bilderberg plot will go ‘poof’.


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Jewish Supreme Court Rules Bedouin Are Subhuman And Can Be Evicted And Replaced With Right Wing Jewish Squatters

Video showing Jewish Sturmtruppen evicting Muslims from their homes so Jews can build there instead.

Naziism thrives in Israel.  Over and over again, the Jews there have chosen to ape Hitler’s ideology totally.  The difference between Israel and Nazi Germany has vanished.  The Jews have a court system there that is riddled with Nazi legal ideology which is extremely dangerous because this KILLS LIBERALISM.  In the US, Jews claim to be ‘liberals’ but when it comes to their home state, they turn Nazi.  Refusing to understand how dangerous this all is, they persist in legalizing Naziism via courts run by Jews who believe that all humans who are not Jews are subhumans who have zero civil or legal rights.  This ideology leaks back into the US system and Jews will be hurt by this, badly, in the future.  They are a very small minority here in the US and extremely vulnerable.

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Pentagon Neo-cons Want WWIII

Pentagon neocons plan WWIII

China sets Sept 3 to mark WWII victory over Japan: this is significant.  Japan suddenly in the last 5 years has launched unilateral seizures of islands without diplomacy while Abe has denied war crimes Japan committed during WWII.  The US aided and abetted this series of actions while all the Western and Japanese media claim China is making illegal claims in the South China Seas.  Like the NATO push for WWIII with Russia, these moves are designed deliberately to provoke Russia and China into giving some flimsy excuse for the US to launch nuclear missiles at these nations.  This erroneous idea that the Western Alliance can do a sneak attack on Russia is the fundamental basis of belief victory would be for the Bilderberg gang.


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Salon Article Attacking Conservatives For Being Heartless: Look In The Mirror And See The Heartless Leftists

Salon is complaining bitterly that the GOP is trying to pull out Federal Funds (taxpayer money) from ‘research’ in the sociology departments in places like Berkeley, due to anger on the right about various ‘studies’ that claim conservatives are stupid and evil while liberals are kindly and loving.  This ‘research’ is very bogus since both left and right are exceedingly intolerant of anyone refusing to obey their various dictates.  The blood baths created by both the left and right in history is gigantic, many, many millions and millions of humans are sacrificed on the altar of ‘political correctness’.  Here is the Salon story which is an interview with an academic, professor Jost. The right has f***ked up minds: Meet the researcher who terrifies GOP Congress – Salon.com

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US ‘Diplomats’ Force IAEA To Not Pressure Israel To Sign Nuclear Treaties

The US spends most of its diplomatic capital protecting Zionists and enabling their plans for expansion and exploitation while at the same time, protecting vicious royals and sheiks of oil pumping nations to oppress their people and dominate Islam.  This bizarre business runs in tandem with the Global Warming insanity which claims that burning coal and oil is evil and is going to cause the sky to fall on our heads unless we run like scared sheep and rabbits into the cave where the bears and wolves live.

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NYT Wonders Why US Diplomacy Has No Power Over Netanyahu Who Controls Congress Via AIPAC

The slide into fascism is obvious to me.  Fascists hate women’s rights, for example.  They can be of any culture or belief system or religion or tribe.  Fascists believe that ‘blood’ determines citizenship, and that ethnic tensions are best handled by either eviction of other citizens or annihilation of various tribal or religious groups.  It leads to endless wars and redrawing of borders to match population occupation by ‘blood’.  Hitler often talked about ‘blood’ as do Zionists.  Religious terrorism and wars are spreading rapidly within nations, destroying them.

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EU Impose Negative Savings Rate Claiming Falsely That There Is No Inflation!


ZIRP lending and raging gasoline inflation

ALFRED Graph – ALFRED – St. Louis Fed: Starting in the 1990’s, our government and Europe’s elites all removed the very vital energy and food data from inflation statistics which then allowed them to devalue capital from savings and have artificially low interest rates. This, in turn, has made speculators and bankers very, very rich and spawned one equity/asset bubble after another.  Which, in turn, has driven many governments deep into debt and wrecked the banking system and made everyone who is middle class and poorer, much, much poorer.  This raid on capital is destroying capitalism.

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