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California Dreaming: Droughts Plague Southern Desert State, Obama Wants More Water, More Immigrants

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Obama is in California to hand out many millions of dollars because California is dry.  Simultaneously, he wants to legalize all immigrants there, too.  California’s woes are deep and many and the last thing it needs is more water projects and more people:  California’s Population (PPIC Publication): 10 million are immigrants making up nearly 30% of the population mainly from Mexico and Southeast Asia.  18 million live in the LA basin area which is very much a desert region with mountains that have dry climate scrub type pine trees.  By 2020, thanks to wild immigration which the Democrats support, California, already the most populated state, will have 42-48 million people.  To understand this, Texas today has only 25 million while California has 38 million.

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China Rises Past US Due To Trade Surplus/Growth: English Queen Goes Broke, Dying Empire In Debt

Once upon a time, the German House of Hanover ruled the Seven Seas via ownership of the British Isles.  The British had the biggest navy and the greatest manufacturing base.  By WWI, Britain was dethroned and Germany was destroyed so the US took up the mantle of World Shipping/Manufacturing Power.  WWII made the US even stronger.  We built ships and made goods at a mad rate.  Since then, it is been all downhill for the US with the Cold War leading the desperate US powers struggling to stay #1 via reviving Germany and Japan both of which became top world manufacturing and trade powers.

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Budget Sequestration Prevents US Free Trade Negotiations, All Of Which Are Total Failures Anyways

US trade deficit became very dangerous after free trade began

Graph: Balance on Current Account (BOPBCA) – FRED – St. Louis Fed

The US trade deficit  has grown to gigantic oceans of red ink thanks to the ‘Free Trade’ theology.  This system makes the top 1% obscenely rich while destroying wages of all Americans.  We now have virtually no protection of native jobs or industries and this shows up in many ways.  At first, Americans celebrated cheap imported foreign goods but ever since free trade began, US working wages have either stagnated or collapsed and the job situation for the lower classes has deteriorated greatly and many now seek to be thugs, robbers, drug dealers and other illegal professions leading to a huge overload in the prison system and a high death rate for the poor and social disintegration wrecking entire cities as if someone bombed them.

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